Time of the month

What do folks do as an alternative for sex when the other half has her period. Looking for something with benefits for both. Wife isn’t in to anal sex

Just do it anyway! It has been found that orgasms can actually help with menstrual cramps, shorten the length of the period. Plus as a bonus, no need for extra lube as it's already there! As an alternative if you're not into it, mutual masturbation?

I agree that mutual masturbation is a good call! Early in my period clothes-on grinding can be good too, especially if I have a tampon in as that ends up stimulating me inside! Later it's not so good because everything is sore down there so I don't want to be rubbed!

If the two of you are into kinky stuff then you could try enjoying kink things together without a sexual element too.

We either masturbate together separately, usually watching each other or we play with each other to orgasm. Near the end of my period we have sex as I’m usually gagging for it by then. 😂

You can still have sex on your period, but if neither of you are into it that's understandable.

For me, I can still masturbate through my underwear and pad but it's really dulled and barely worth it. I often use toys near the end of my period - especially ones that are the easiest to clean.

Still have sex...just put a towel underneath.

Unprotected sex is the best

Days and days of denial and maybe some teasing is fun for some...

Just saying.

Happily period free now, but before we didn't do anything for the first few days because it was all too painful and heavy. So, it depends on your flow and experience. After that, we just put down a towel or a sarong to wash and went for it.

A lot depends on how comfortable each person feels, emotionally and physically.

Hand job for you

Knottydevil wrote:

Days and days of denial and maybe some teasing is fun for some...

Just saying.


There's a Ziggy comfort menstrual cup up for test at the mo. It's £29.99 if you can't wait.

I've used menstrual cups but they've always been unsuitable for period sex, but this seems like a great idea.

We rely on mutual masturbation during my period as it really is too messy to have sex. I bought him a Tenga Spinner so I use that for a bit extra oomph with my hand jobs or when my back has been too sore for oral and he grabs one of my trusty clit vibes. Satisfaction guaranteed!

ETA: the Spinner is a work of art in use. I even get a bit jealous of it with the reaction it gets! Any ladies fancying trying this, go for it. Highly recommended by us both.

Towards the end of her period we've sometimes had sex with a condom but never without. She finds it icky although I wouldn't mind. Sometimes she gives me a blowjob but most of the time I sort myself out until it's over.

I love having sex when I'm on, I'm most horny then and it definitely helps with the period. Put a dark towel down, you'd be surprised what little mess there actually is. And after you can keep the passion going with washing each other.

Have sex on it, im so much hornier when on it and I have more orgasms. Just put a towel down

Labyrinth wrote:

Just do it anyway! It has been found that orgasms can actually help with menstrual cramps, shorten the length of the period. Plus as a bonus, no need for extra lube as it's already there!

Could not agree more with this if I tried. 👏

Which one of you isn't keen on sex during her period?

While I agree that mastubation helps with periods - i've cramp-wanked since my early teens - there's no way with my periods could I get away with just putting a towel down, even if it was for a quickie. My periods are just too heavy.

I always used to get off with clitoral orgasms using my finger, but since joining Lovehoney I now have quite a few bullets in my collection so one (or sometimes more) of those get used.

I'm seriously considering that Ziggy cup but being menopausal and having HRT periods I'm not sure how long I'd need it for.

Anyone tried it? I use supermarket brand tampons at 85p a box so I don't know if this would be cost-effective for me at my age. If I was younger I'd have bought it by now as it looks a lot more comfortable than my friend's cup and hopefully better than the few I've tried before (overflow issues - sorry if that's TMI).

VR - no advice re cups/tampons etc as I could never use them after having TSS, although I tried both in the past, but it might be worth thinking how long you need to use the type of hrt which gives monthly bleeds (sorry, can't remember the correct terms, and of course it is always personal choice).

I think within a year after age 50 and two years before 50 you can move onto one which doesn't give a bleed, if you want to. Usually the same brand so you wouldn't notice a difference in side effects. That's what I'm on (age 49, last natural period age 42). Took me a while to find the right combo but now it's great :-)

For everyone else - I was never particularly up for it during periods, but during ovulation I felt rampant. Even when I wasn't sexually active. Fantasy and solo time took over. Helped to know when trying to conceive. I could tell - not just body/fluid changes but mostly drive. Ovulation is when women are most fertile, so I guess that makes sense.

There’s no down time for us, sure it can be messy but sex is always messy but the juices are just not usually red. I’ve never understood why anyone has a problem, it’s just blood. 🤷‍♂️ Each to their own but I see no issue with it, and I’ll happily do my part to ease any cramping for the wifey 🤗

Period sex is great, everything is so sensitive helps with chronic pelvic pain too for solo sessions