Tips on the magic wand

Hi everyone,

Me and my hubby are new to the toys and we've just purchased the mini magic wand. On advice from other when I have asked about orgasm advice, everyone has stated to buy a wand to help as I have never been able to orgasm (despite not chasing it, hubby trying his best and me, and other bullets and counselling)

I have read most of the reviews on the product, just wondered if it's definitely as good as I am hoping it to be. I hope this product will help me achieve my 1st ever orgasm.

Thanks to all that reads.

every body is different so we cannot say for certain that itll 100% work for you. you just have to trial it, if its no good, luckily with LH you can get a refund!

There amazing we have one ... my OH loves having it rubbing on her clit during sex it drives her wild . Try using it also when he performs oral on you :)

Is this the one you got?

If you can't get off from a bullet, then I honestly don't think this will be right for you. I believe the wands people were talking about in previous posts were mains-powered like this one - these are much stronger than anything else on the market.

I too recommend this. ive never had a mains powered toy until now, this 100% tops all battery toy vibrations.