Titus Steel ball stretcher advice

A while back I bought myself the Titus Steel ball stretcher, and I've been wearing it every other day, but taking it off to shower as I'm not sure what metal the screw is made of...does anyone that has one know what it's like for rust-proofing?

I don't want to get it wet and then find it's seized in place and it won't unlock.


I wouldn't get any of it wet mate.

It's all stainless steel though, surely that won't rust?

Stainless steels are more corrosion resistant however they can still rust. As long as they are cleaned and dried after getting wet then it shouldn’t be a problem though. As for the screws, your probably right, they tend to be high carbon steels and more prone to rusting. That said, if you remove the screw and apply a little oil or grease, it should protect it well enough, you will just need to tear it down frequently to clean fun dry it and reapply. Do not use wd40 or Vaseline etc. You can get a product called hi-slip grease or another called frog lube. Both should work fine and are water resistant.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.