Tried dogging at w-s-m

Hi all
So last friday night my wife and i went out for a very nice meal my wife wore a nice long dress with matching bra and a thong underneath and her black hold up stockings which she never wears outside of the bedroom.
After the meal i suggested we go for a drive to find somewhere quiet for a fondle. We drove about a mile north of wsm to a car park at the end of a deadend road by a beach. As we drove in there were about 3 cars already parked and my wife suggested we leave i said lets park up a bit so we parked up in the largest gap away from the other cars and turned the engine off. My wife was very nervous we had fun together on our own for an hour

Unfortunately none of the people in cars came over to watch but we had a very horny experience. Weve been married over 20 years and this is the first time doing this and i hope to do similar again soon if my wife agrees.

Anyone else had much luck do you pre arrange meets?


Never done this but it’s on my bucket list

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Sounds more like you wanted to try dogging and brought the wife along.

If she wanted to leave, me thinks she’d been misled about your intentions,.


I don’t understand any of this…

I’ve met and done similar in the past but never when there’s been people about to watch although if someone walked by they’d probably have discovered what was happening lol :joy:

Love being intimate in public or outdoors - so much fun. Not yet had an audience that i know of but sounds hot

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Was dogging discussed beforehand?
Going by what you said, your wife wanted to leave when she saw the other cars, you decided that yous were staying and were disappointed people didn’t watch.
Have you missed part of the story where your wife changed her mind all on her own and was excited by the idea of people nearby?

There are rules for dogging, I don’t know what the signals mean but I’m pretty sure if you want people to watch, you put the inside lights on. Theres something about winding your window down too, I think that might be that you’re ok with touching, but if you’re going to go dogging, make sure you know what they mean. Others in the forum might be able to tell you.
Just bear in mind that where there are people, there are most more than likely smart phones.


While I love outdoor sex and visiting swinging clubs the idea of dogging has never appealed. A good swinging club has rules, phones/cameras are banned and people respect that no means no and if they continue they are likely to be removed from the club. With dogging I think there is just too much risk for me to find the activity enjoyable.