T'was the night before Christmas

What have you got planned with your OH or yourself on Christmas Eve night 😉

I will be working but depending on how busy it is we usually have abit of a celebration, buffet food and music on.

I'm hoping for some private fun time but I'll probably end up too rushed off my feet!

I have to put up my terrorists bike for Christmas day, and build my nieces play house so they're ready to be unwrapped.

My terrorist is getting a lump of coal!

Ahaha NUK! My terrorist is heading for a lump of coal but he has bucked up his attitude to a tolerable level since I sent him the 'Naught' Santa vid from PNP.

iv always been able to play with mrs ted and make her "squirt". but the other night I got her to full on squirt at me. I'm talking all over my chest.
so I plan on doing that, but with a load of towels in preparation!