Types of vibration - what's your preference?

I noticed that in most reviews I've read, people say that vibrations being rumbly is a positive and buzzy is a negative. So I'm curious, do any of you actually like/prefer buzzy vibrations? I hate them and noticed that a lot of others seem to as well, so I'm wondering if there are any buzzy fans out there **peers into the horizon**

I'm a fan of strong deep rumbly vibrations often in a pattern rather than constant. Buzzy vibrations I find tingly and a little numbing.

On the other hand my OH likes buzzy vibrations when I hold the toy against his penis, scrotum or perenium. I think rumbly vibrations are too strong for him or too rough for his delicate jewels.

I'm not a fan of the buzzy types either because I don't think they're strong enough on those settings! Some are usable but generally I stick to steady vibrations or strong patterns if the toy has them. I had a few buzzy toys when I first got into them but as I needed more power I needed less buzziness. The other half likes buzzy toys when used on him x

As i first started out..anything got me going! But i am finding now buzzy is not quite getting me there so need more rumbly ones now but i am still getting used to more powerful toys..although my wand has me screaming in pleasure over and over and so does my happy rabbit 2 when my other half uses it on me x

I'm definitely a rumble fan and would choose it over buzz. the problem with buzz is it's numbing and as you up the speed power it often doesn't transfer and you don't feel it. what ever techniques you use with rumble they don't work with buzz certainly for me i have to use buzzy toys like i'd use my fingers

I've never really thought about this before but I have now and.I do prefer the rumbly patterns x

I actually have two toys that are more on the buzzy side and they get me there and I enjoy them but I find that the orgasms aren't as satisfying

Mostly deep and rumbly. Only a couple of buzzy toys do it for me and as Kitty says above, the orgasms aren't as satisfying.

Buzzy just doesn't work for MrsB, they tend to irritate her, we recently discovered after years of buying various bullets and smaller vibes that rumbling vibrations do it for her.

We bought one of these http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16603 and she loves it, just pondering what to get next...

For me I personally like pulsating settings or ones that vibrate hard then gets weaker. Love how a cock ring I got lately manages to numb my cock a little bit with the vibration which is awesome. Such a difference from ESTIM. imo it seems that designers such as LH are managing to make really good quality toys and able to make powerful yet small company Vibrators. Oddly id love to see what makes it all happen inside the toys.

No buzzy fans then? I wonder why manufacturers bother when it seems the vast majority love rumbly and see buzziness as a hige downside...

Maybe the buzzy vibrators are easier/cheaper to make?

For me it depends on the material of the toy and where I'm using it. The harder the material of the toy is (ABS for instance) the less likely I'm going to enjoy "buzzy" vibrations on my clit. Whereas the same kind of vibration with a soft silicone toy might do it for me. In general I do prefer a powerful rumble. :)


But I wonder whether I don't prefer other types of movement over vibrations: I get more out of my rotating rabbit than out of my insertable vibrators (though I haven't tried the Lelo Mona yet) and I've only tried the Stronic Eins once so far (it's bigger than I'd like at the moment) but it felt very promising.

My favourite clit vibe is the Venus Butterfly, where the egg is hammering away in a centimeter-thick rubber sleeve. I pretty much hate the surface buzz of the "naked" Bodywand (I hope the nuzzle tip attachment will improve things). Right now I'm impatiently waiting for Lidl's next offer of electric toothbrushes so I can try out oscillations (most Eroscillator reviews are enthousiastic - but not all).

I'm always on the lookout for rotating etc. toys (like the Lelo Tara http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29469) - it's just that the more interesting the movement seems to be, the higher the price tag!

Rumbly without doubt, buzzy vibrations don't satiety me at all. The noise, the feelings nowhere near as good, I soon learnt that buzzy vibes are a no no for me.

Ruby Red Slippers wrote:

No buzzy fans then? I wonder why manufacturers bother when it seems the vast majority love rumbly and see buzziness as a hige downside...

I think rumbly vibrations need space for a bigger motor and more/bigger batteries - big vibrations in a small package (as the We Vibe Tango is supposed to have) seem to be difficult/expensive to build, as Caliente said. In any case the FSOG rechargeable bullet is the buzziest thing it's my misfortune to have and can easily compete with the mosquitos in my bedroom. The nipple clamps weren't impressive either and the butt plugs with bullets don't impress me either in their product presentation videos (don't own one, for exactly that reason). So on the one hand it's a case of you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, sex toy manufacturers make sex toys to earn money, not to make customers happy. And by the time people have realized what type of vibrations they prefer, and how to find them, they've already spent quite a bit of money on cheap buzzy toys. As far as I know Lovehoney is the only vendor where you can return toys after finding out that they are not for you - and here it's Lovehoney who absorbs the loss, the manufacturers keep their money.

strong and buzzy !!! i hat the tango :p

You hate the Tango? Then which toy has vibrations you like? Just wondering (and wondering about getting the Touch) because most reviewers seem to agree that the Tango is one of the rumliest toys there is...

Deep and rumbly vibrations remind me of ocsillating massagers which feel somewhere between vibration and being manually stroked, this feels best for me.

Buzzy vibrations dont do much for me.