VIP code missing

I was checking my orders and noticed that my most recent orders don't have VIP codes.

Also I can't find the VIP code page at all.

Has LH stopped offering VIP codes? This is a problems for me as it's often the only way I can afford to order sex toys within the UK. :-/

I noticed the same thing this week with my lasted order!

i got one the other week, but not with my last order or any others. you dont get them every order do you? i thought it was just random

You used to get them with every order...

I got one 14 days ago or maybe it was 3 weeks. But not on the order from Thursday or Friday, whichever day I ordered it.

My last two orders didn't have one, the way the delivery notes are printed has changed slightly too and no place for VIP code any longer, suspect it was costing them too much? Not many companies would routinely give you what could be 20% discount...

whats a VIP code???? xxxx

Odd, still don't know whether or not they have been completely stopped? :-/

Afternoon Folks!

The VIP offer was withdrawn recently as we felt it was time to focus our offers in other areas.

The codes were not really being used that often anyway and did cause us some complications with returns...sadly we also had issues with customers abusing the offer too!

Don't worry though...we are focusing our efforts on mail out offers, deals of the day, sales and our fantastically competive prices in general.

I realise that some people may be disapointed, but times are always moving so it was time to, well... move on!


I see. Well, it's good to know. I understand how things change =) It just would've been nice to have known maybe via someone posting on the forum or similar =) As I did spend a bit of time trying to work out if it was just a glitch or something else and then replanning my order.

I have just ordered a few bits.

I was waiting for my VIP code as well .

Its a shame its been stopped. I was planning to use it.

I have to admit I've bought way more stuff than I would of just so I can use the VIP code on multipul occasions and was hoping to use one again in the order I'm just about to do so I looked for my last order for the VIP code and it wasn't there. So a bit disapointed :(

Can the information about the VIP code be removed from the discount vouchers page?

Not to be confused with VIP Discount Vouchers

If you have placed an order on Lovehoney, you may well have received a unique single-use one-off VIP discount voucher.

Click here to

i seem to be getting quite a fiew thank you for your feedback £5 offs... but then i allways fill out the shopzilla servays. you could try that

It's a shame the codes have been stopped, I used them quite a lot. I also used to order more things to make up the order as well.