virgin question:orgasm

Do woman also ejaculate inside the vagina when orgasm like a man ...or what actually happen during the orgasm for woman....

Erm, not exactly. During a "normal" orgasm your uterus, vaginal and anal muscles contract simultaneously, giving you the feeling of "waves" of pleasure. I think it depends on the woman, but you do produce a little bit of fluid, but this is lubrication from the walls of the vagina as opposed to from a single ejaculation.

However, there is also the phenomenon known as "squirting" whereby if you massage the G-spot, some women do "ejaculate" when they orgasm. This is quite specific though (you have to go for the exact area) and by all accounts it takes practice- not all women can achieve it.

But as always- it will depend on your anatomy, some women could easily squirt in "normal" circumstances, and others may never at all....

Hope that helps a bit!

For the majority, when they orgasm an ammount of the natural lubrication fluid is realeased. A very small minority do produce a white, milky substance similar in consistency and volume as a male ejaculation. There is also "squirting" where a spray, jet or gush of liquid is expelled. What this liquid is, and where it comes from, is highly debated. I personally believe the studies that prove it to be pee, especially the one backed up by bladder ultrasounds that found them full just before orgasm and empty after orgasm/squirting, and tested the samples and found them to be pee.