Wearing the two together?

Hi all, apologies as I've not contributed here for ages but I have been browsing the forum regularly :) I have a question as we're trying something new. Just purchased a set of two beginners butt plugs (the Annabelle Knight Oh My! ones that were DOTD on Sunday), never used butt plugs before but have been keen to try them for a while and only broached the subject with the Mr at the weekend (which he was excited about!). They arrived today and have already tried the smaller of the two which went in fine and was surprisingly comfortable. Had a solo play whilst wearing it using the Mantric Realistic Vibrator and my trusty Desire Bullet and it felt great. I could feel the vibrator was a tighter fit than usual, don't know if that was because I was clenching to prevent the plug from coming out or whether it's because I was fuller (new to this so not sure!) Anyway it stayed in when I orgasmed which is good. Back to my question, as I'm waffling here.....I wear my kegel balls regularly and was wondering if it's o.k to wear them both together. I didn't keep the plug in for long as I'm thinking it's probably best not to being a beginner, but in time when I do wear it for longer, is it o.k to do so and do any of you?

Wifey wears a 3.5โ€ metal butt plugg and the metal fifty shades pleasure balls, and she love it, no problems while using both in separate holes as it were

Wear them both for as long as you feel OK, remember your butt plug should have a oil based lube for long term wear as water based ones can dry out and feel uncomfortable after some time?

Yep totally fine to wear them together!

And your guess is correct: wearing a butt plug will make you more full, and your vaginal canal seem tighter ๐Ÿ‘

I would never have thought about water based lube drying out so thanks for pointing that out! Had another play tonight with the plug using the same toys and bloody hell that Mantric vibrator is tight. I thought last night it could have been due to me clenching to stop the plug coming out but this time I relaxed fully to test if it would but it didn't. There's a big jump in sizes between the small plug (3cm circumference) and larger one (5cm), the larger one looks like I'd never get it in! I'm gonna stick to the small one for a fair while until I get used to using one, but even when I am ready to move up a size I think I may look for a size in between. So excited to try the plug during penetrative sex with the Mr......wondering what the sensation will be like for him!

I can definitely feel when my wifeโ€™s wearing a plug, itโ€™s a great sensation. Also it will help push your partners manhood into your g spot, so definitely worth a try ๐Ÿ‘

Sounds great to me, very interested to see how it feels. Thanks for the advice :)