What are YOU contemplating purchasing next?

I’m afraid those links don’t work for us as they’re private pages. Try these:



(I don’t know if you meant your tester list, but these are the only two public ones in your profile)

Well im not good at this computer business or this site so im probably going need a little help at first but i had my heart set on a sex swing for a while now so thats next

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Ah thank you @Ian_Chimp - I had made my lingerie wish list public, so not sure why it’s done that. I’ll have anothe look, but thanks for letting me know

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There’s a good Forum How-To in the Welcome Topic that can help with the basics. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


@Ian_Chimp can it be viewed now?

Not using that style of link as that’s your private version of the page.

But it is now on your public page. :+1:


Sorry, here’s my public lingerie wish list (thanks @Ian_Chimp


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Your lists are longer than mine @James89 :laughing:

I’m loving the Latex skater dress :heart_eyes:, keep looking at this but it’s not my OH sort of thing unfortunately

The snakeskin body in the 2nd list looks amazing! I’m going to add that to my list too :star_struck: Probably more to my OH’s liking too

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New butt plug for hubby and one for me too.

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I’ve been looking on LH on getting my OH some bits for our anniversary, was thinking of getting her some of these bits …




Have any of you forum guys or girls got any of these?

Ha! I told you I love lingerie!! :laughing:

I love the latex stuff but my wife isn’t it to it just yet. Hoping I can convince her one day though!