What can you say during sex but also at a family dinner?

Your best mate was so much better at getting the cream out of it!!

More ice cream?

The problem is that when I over do it I just want to sleep afterwards

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That was the BEST stuffing I’ve ever had! :yum:

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“I think adding the hot sauce was a poor choice”

Can I have some @Cupc8kes!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Great to see you back babes. :heart:

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Is that the Heimlich maneuver?

You have something on your chin

Don’t shake it, it’ll explode in your face.

It’s lovely when the 4 of us can get together like this!

Don’t spit it out!

How do you know you aren’t going to like it? You haven’t tried it!!!

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that was delicious we need to have it again soon

don’t worry about the mess I’ll clean it up for you

You have a little something stuck to your beard…

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Sit wherever you want, I don’t mind where I sit

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That’s a delicious pear you’ve got there.


Best thread ever :crazy_face:

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Love the profile pic!!

Ew, I think I have a hair in my mouth.