What cheered me up recently

Spending time with hubby, just us two :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: going to the cinema. Just over with too quickly :pleading_face::disappointed:


Squinting into the sun, feeling blustery rain falling on me from the clear blue sky and thinking
“There’s a rainbow behind me”
Climbed a little grass bank, turned around and there it was in full scale colourful brilliance.



It’s a bit of a crud weekend here for many reasons however I have had something to smile about - ED SHEERAN TICKETS!


the wonderful evening out, just the two of us

So withlife being really difficult at the moment for multiple reasons I don’t wanna talk about but after a lovely time with the family it’s been excellent to spend some quality time with hubs in our new favourite restaurant. We both looked frikin fine if I do say so myself, hubs with his new sexy smart skinny jeans and a lovely shirt n me with my new lbd, dior handbag that hubs bought me a couple of years ago as a set with perfume, body wash and body lotion! The outfits, aftershave n perfume, make-up, hair n nails all were on point, Awesome company, great chat, delicious food, drinks too. we got chatting to a lovely couple from fife who come here often as this is where the lovely lady is from originally so we’re going to meet up back at the restaurant again in a couple of months, which will be lovely :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

She taken some lovely pics of us too after hearing our laughing trying to get good selfies (there are some crackers mind,) the full sized pics are great though. The couple come down regularly What a lovely evening :fire: :heart:

We’ve been home awhile n got everyone to sleep early even the dog whilst we’re relaxing watching silent witness, bliss! O.k. I fell asleep earlier for a couple of hours so it’s been ages since we got home!


In the last couple of weeks when the weather broke , I went fishing at a nice little lake . Then last week I went pier fishing . Was relaxing to cast a line and enjoy the water . No fish were harmed either day .!


@Oldman you need to delete it from this thread. Looks lovely but you need to only post photos in the Your Photo categories or we will lose the ability to post them at all, just pop it in the Images to share in topics and it will appear for all to see tomorrow :+1:

Brenna’s post from only 3 days ago :woman_facepalming:t2:


What Cheered me up?

Flagging @Oldman 's photos to get in Brenna’s good books (auto correct almost put boobs too which was funny)

Sorry dude looks really nice though :grimacing:


Seriously though, putting the electric blanket back onto the bed and sliding into warm loveliness just now while listening to the rain on the windows

It really is!


It was totally by accident . But why does it have that option on a regular thread ?

So you can upload Lovehoney photos from the website. It’s normally easier to copy and paste them, but some devices have a different way of doing it, so uploading screenshots can be a good workaround. :slightly_smiling_face:


All the rest have to be posted in a topic in the #your-photos category so they can be moderated before they go live. :+1:


Getting excited about my new character for this weeks game. First of a new campighn, Going to be fun


Electric blanket.!!! It’s only October.
Thought you were made of sterner stuff.:joy:


Aye, I’m still just wearing a vest in bed. 4 tog duvvet & windows open


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@Green_Eyed_Girl D&D?

Pathfinder 2e. We are converting over from D&D.
But yes, tabletop roleplay games (via the medium of the interwebs)

:crossed_swords: :shield: making my first paladin. Very excited


@Green_Eyed_Girl at the risk of confusing the forum “My Son is a paladin elf”.
D&D online was a godsend in lockdown, I love him telling me what they have been doing.
Enjoy lovely x

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Yeah, its a really nice social thing to do with friends. More creative than gaming online (though ive done plenty of that with friends too).
Basically the one solid thing in my social calendar at the moment :laughing: :cry:

We have a good friends group with several people that run games so it works really well

Seriously everyone else, if you like rpg computer games or board games, consider giving it a go. Roll20 is free and you can get alot of the starting classes for free online. Lots of groups on there asking for players (or get some mates and have a bash, best way in my opinion)

If you want to know what on earth were talking about, jam “critical role” into you tube and watch the series from the start.the mighty nein is the current one (start from the beginning, seriously). Nice thing to have on in the background too if your working. Seriously hilarious


Just got back from a autumnal walk with my fur baby.
Feeling good :blush:


Fur baby? What breed?