What got you into toys in the first place?

I saw Tracey Cox on day time TV giving advice about Vibrators and showed a bullet vibrator and how is was likely to help your orgasm - and indeed it did help and I was hooked.


Mrs S had gone quite cool on sex until a guy on Twitter started messaging her about BDSM earlier this year. This got her interested in trying new things and I’d just happened to notice the Lovehoney TV adverts during the spring lockdown so suggested trying a classic vibrator and a wand. The she got all embarrassed about using them so I had to try rubbing them on myself first. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think I tried a few toys in my college days, but I didn’t really get on with them and quickly gave up.

Then when I was around 27, I got my “sexual awakening”. It was like a lightbulb moment and I could not seem to switch it off. Soon after, some things in my life left me feeling quite depressed and I wanted something to take my mind off them. A sex toy seemed like the answer as it could also maybe satisfy my recent appetite. Bought one. Then bought some more…and more…


My first ever boyfriend introduced me to sex toys, he started out relatively safe, handcuffs, blindfolds and we progressed, I’ll never forget the day we went out and bought our first bullet and rabbit, then we build up a collection quickly, it stayed with me after we broke up, I always wonder if my first boyfriend hadn’t led me on my toy adventure if I would have been brave enough to try myself, I have him to thank I guess.