What is your best seduction tip/technique

What is your best seduction tip/technique

Be yourself.

Georgina71 wrote:

Be yourself.

I'm not really a confident person so its hard to be myself

Hmmmm.... I don't think I have any seduction techniques! lol. If you do get any good suggestions off anyone let me know coz I could certainly do with a few! lol. I think, being confident in who you are as a person and what kind of person you are happy with and want to be with is a good one though. Although.... i've been wrong in the past! LOTS! lol. Sorry i'm not much help. I hope you get some really good advice though. x x

Depend- is this someone you're dating, a friend or just in general?

I ask as it can make a difference if you know them well

the neck. that always gets me excited :D

Be yourself but that is difficult if you are shy. Im really shy but apparently guys think that is pretty sexy and say quiet girls are more wild in bed haha

somegirlinthisworld wrote:

I'm not really a confident person so its hard to be myself

I understand, I am shy too. Ok, here is a tip: listen to him, or her, intently. There is no greater turn on than a good conversation. Of course, if he or she does not reciprocate your engrossment, and only seems to want to talk about himself, you may not want to seduce him after all (at least, I know I lose interest fast when a man seems self-absorbed).

Red wine

Ahh.Chateau Legaupna ( thank you Barry Humphreys)

I was only thinking about this the other as im not confident either and when i start to initiate i take ages because i think about what ill do then i go to do it and stop just incase he doesnt think its sexy, or he thinks its stupid. Id love to be able to seduce him the way they do in the films xx

not sure in what situation you're referring to.......being seductive with a new aquaintance or a partner.

listen, be attentive, do the small things right ( gents opening doors), do the unexpected - go the extra mile...chilled glasses for champagne etc, i'm also shy and the advice 'be yourself' - doesnt hold true in some respects, perhaps better to rephrase that to dont be someone you dont want to be'.......

and one thing i've found in later life, sometimes saying/doing the unexpected can work wonders. we met another couple for drinks in a pub, the idea being that if we all got on perhaps we'd 'play' in the same room another day.....halfway through the evening i whispered something like ' i've already pictured you naked infront of a fire your back arching as you cum again'.....there was some truth in teh statement! but it took her by surprise and she told me afterwards that it had been a big turn on.....so depending the circs that you're thinking of perhaps say something unexpected/sexy...