What is your favourite Male toy? (used by you or on a partner)

Hey there, I’m new here.
I was wondering what everyone’s favourite male toy was? if you can provide links that would be handy!

I’m really new to using toys as I am a quiet guy, my girlfriend recently mentioned us trying things so I have actually ended up buy quite a few things! experimenting in various ways.
One of my favourites is the Lovense Diamo
It is enough to tease you and get you going, having someone else control it is a lot of fun too.

My go to for easy clean up is either than or the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Masturbator

I’ve been experimenting with things in the back too with plugs and things… never once thought I would do something like that.

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I have a few favorites but I can’t share the links.

My favorite LH Prostate toy is this guy: https://www.lovehoney.com/p/lovehoney-ignite-20-function-vibrating-prostate-massager/75307.html

One of best as far as vibrations. Size isn’t bad for the toy itself but I need a bit larger to feel full in the back.

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Although I have many toys I keep using the the hummer wand attachment and the cock head teaser

These are not toys to use on their own as you’ll need a wand to fit them on but the combination of the 2 together is amazing. Plus your girlfriend can take advantage of the wand.


My willy. :rofl:

Aneros prostate massager hands down


Difficult to pick just one.

Doc Johnson Head Teaser Male Masturbator Wand Attachment - Lovehoney UK

Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug 4.5 Inch - Lovehoney UK

ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set - Lovehoney UK

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ElectroStim stuff scares me a little bit.
How is it working for you?

It really is good.

Used externally the pads and cock rings produce a tingle along with muscle contractions, a bit like these exercise pads for toning the abs. Use internally (anally) you don’t feel the electrical tingle at all (unless you turn it up into the red zone), it just makes your muscles squeeze and relax in time with the pulses in the same way as you would do yourself if you were using a standard prostate massager.
The only minor problem I have found is that the conductivity into your body can vary (as the lube dries out I guess) so I sometimes find myself turning the power up as the pulses get weaker then I shift position and the contact comes back and I find I’ve turned it up a bit on the high side. The answer is to wiggle the plug occasionally to keep the contacts working correctly.

The kit I bought was on offer and I used my 40% birthday bonus so it cost me around £80. In my opinion it was well worth it.


They’re sneaky like that. 40% off is almost half off so I’d have to get two toys.

I’m legit having to find new places to store my toys as it is. Too bad I can’t lock my closet and sock drawer. You know we all went into our parents’ room when we were younger :laughing: