What to do with my ever growing collection?

I love sex toys and sex and love honey's student discount, but with my collection growing with usually 5 items per order, I'm running out of space in my small student flat and I need a way to organise everything. I have some of the silk toy bags from love honey but the storage boxes available are just not big enough for my needs, considering my dildos, bondage gear, vibrators, lube, anal gear, masrurbating sleeves etc...

I need something I can have beside my bed for easy access but not take up too much space.

How do you guys store your toys? What do recommend for space saving storage? Do you hide your toys or have them on display?

cheers for reading :)

i have 4 drawers full ... and wardrobe full of outfits every couple of months get rid of the ones i dont use or like anymore to make rooms for new ones ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I used to use the delivery boxes to store things again. Remove all outer packaging first and then they fit easier!

I have 2 large plastic boxes that fit nicely under my bed for toys. Lingerie/dress up outfits fill a good third of my wardrobe and lubes etc are kept in my bedside drawer. The plastic boxes are great and the coloured ones in particular aren't really see through x

Myself and the OH have ours stored in the bottom of a large cupboard in his flat in a large plastic box covered with a rug that we don't use and we put shoes on it. Just makes it look discreet. Although, we use the bedside drawers too for lube and the toys we use the most. I'd say a large, lockable box would be best, may no be cheap but they last a long time, especially if it's metal.

We put them in boxes in the bottom of the wardrobe; some at mine, some at my girlfriends or our favourites are kept seperate as close to the bed as possible.

Never mind puutting them away, when you have so many I've never figured out how you make use of them all. We've had some put away for so long we forgot we had them.

Mine are kept in various lovehoney lockable cases/ storage bags/ boxes in a large drawer. Beginning to run out of room now though so will need another drawer very soon :)

In our bedroom we have 6 drawers full of sex/bondage toys and 2 wardrobes full of our outfits. Our collection is also growing bigger to fast (Lovehoney has such a nice things) but from time to time out with the old in with the new.

A very large bottom drawer of a chest of drawers is over flowing with toys so now moving on to a 3 drawer bed side cabinet as well for the more used toys won't be long before that's full too. Also a large under bed box for all the sexy undies.

We too use plastic storage boxes (and a cupboard oops).

One box has lingerie and clothing. I take them out of original packaging and put them into zipable freezer bags and write on the outside of the bag so I know what is in there, saves a lot of space this way.

The other box contains toys which all remain in their original packaging unless provided with storage pouch.

I had the same issue myself so ended up buying a large aluminium double lockable 80 x CD box off eBay. I have quite a few larger toys and this takes them all with room to spare. You can remove all the dividers and line it out with whatever you prefer. Mine are in individual pouches then I just lined it with a satin slip. What's more it fits on top of my wardrobe perfectly ;-)

A vanity case in our top box (out of kids reach) outfits in a drawer in wardrobe lubes etc in bedside drawer (under my socks - sexy) lingerie mixed in with regular.

Had a clear out recently of some older toys. Plenty of room for new recruits now!

I have two large LH storage boxes, one for me one for OH, and a large cardboard box for bandage

I need some kind of furniture for all my toys and lubes etc! The collection is rapidly outgrowing my drawer. Maybe a whole dresser just for this purpose 😄

My toys live in a toolbox (similar to this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Mobile-Roller-Work-Shop-Chest-Trolley-Cart-Storage-Tool-Box-Toolbox-On-Wheel-/121126675707?hash=item1c33b664fb:g:02YAAOSwnipWYHoF) under the window. Toys are not exactly on display, but if ever somebody wonders why I have tools in my bedroom and looks they'll get a surprise...

I wouldn't have bought it for the purpose, but I happened to have it at hand. I like it because it's easily moved (and holds quite a lot).

This reminds me that I'm going to have to travel abroad with my collection within the next month and have no means of subtly doing so right now. Oh deary me.

Are you gonna travel with all of it? :p

I started with sex toy cases, then travel bags, tool boxes.

Now I have a wardrobe to put all these in!

I've got a big red box under our bed. Will need to invest in another soon. lol

Up until recently I didn't really need to store my toys etc. But I moved to somewhere new and after 2 decent sized orders and another on its way I decided to purchase a large chest storage box from homebase. It was only around £15 and has 2 places to fit padlocks either side. This then fits into my wardrobe. My OH even commented that she could easily fit in it.....not that I will be trying that anytime soon.