What would fit.....

Hello everyone,

This might be something someone has asked before, but how do I get clothes to fit me when looking at dress sizes that dont take into account the bra cup sizes??

To explain a little further, I am a 34F but vary in clothes between a size 12 to a 16 depending on what it is.... If we are talking t-shirts I am typically a size 12. If we are talking shirts/blouses it can vary dramatically between the 3 dress sizes. How can I find something to fit me without it looking like I am wearing a bag? Or popping out of the top and sides too much?

Do you guys have any suggestions for me?

Thank you for your help!!

Hi, I don't think there's an easy way to fix this. All you can do really is try things on in stores, get a feel for different styles, and how the sizing compares in the stores you favour.

If you're talking about items of lingerie on the LH site, then it's best to look at the measurements and see what you think would fit best.

If it arrives and it doesn't fit, LH have a brilliant returns policy. You can return your item with the enclosed returns sticker for totally free anywhere in the UK.

I think they aim for the whole returns process to be no longer than 30 days, but I read that it's usually around 7 days at the longest.

Hope that helps :)