What's the difference between basic and tracy cox balls?

Obviously price, but for tonning preferences, what is the main differences between the basic ben wa jiggle balls and the Tracy Cox Supersex toner balls?

From what I can see, the Tracey Cox ones are slightly heavier - 78 grams compared to 56 grams. The girth is also very slightly larger on the Tracey Cox ones :) xx

I have both the basics jiggle balls, and the Tracey Cox set. I found that you can feel the movement of the free roaming weights more with the Tracey Cox ones. I also think that the Tracey Cox ones result in better orgasms :-)
Other than my personal thoughts though, there isn't all that much difference, other than, as Scorpius said, the weight and girth. Although I don't think that the basics ones are intended as toners?

I also got the impression that the basics ones are more for pleasure than toning effects . I can only comment on the Tracey Cox ones ( wearing them right now ) but I should imagine that heavier gives you more of an internal workout resulting in better toning and if you're lucky better orgasms :)

Thank you all, I think I will go for the better workout option, gold stars for you three.