What's your favourite spanking implement?

My OH’s hand :joy: I like the sensation of skin against skin, and it feels more personal than using a paddle.

But when I want (or when my OH deems I need) something with a bit more of a sting, I have this paddle, which can hurt like hell, but if used at the right angles, leaves little bat marks which makes my alt heart very happy (and my butt very tender) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Old skool here but for both sound, impact and that personal touch, can only be one thing…… :wave: someone’s hand.

It also leaves the best, most alluring marks!

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I tend to learn more towards a flogger, I do love the teasingly, unexpected mixed sensation you can get. :thinking: however it usually changes with my mood. Mr 0’s hand is definitely the only consistent love no matter the mood :drooling_face:.

An old bamboo back stratcher to be honest or a paddle hair brush.

Used to be hand but really love a paddle or strap now