What's your screen saver?

Hi everyone. Thought this might be harmless topic - but you never know!

we all have a smart phone, iPad, laptop so what's your locked screen and wallpaper at the moment.

on my old phone I used to have that picture of Adam Levine (the naked one with a woman's hands covering his...) as my wallpaper.

on my new phone I locked screen is a photo of my cat and my wallpaper is a photo from a holiday of sunset over the Nile.

on my iPad it's the Milky Way cos I love astronomy and my wallpaper is he yummy Santiago Cabrera (Aramis from the Musketeers.)


I honestly could not say without looking.......

*gets phone*


My locked screen saver is a photo I took of Derwent Waters in the Lake District from a walk we did on my ?Mum and Dads wedding anniversary.

My background is of me and my fiancé holding hands whilst he was laying with his head on me half asleep.

I find using pictures of my favourite fitness girls very motivational, so Zuzka Light wins the spot for my phone and work PC, and Michelle Lewin the home one ![](upload://nXzNBAACFMemirV1148YTO7ENey.gif).

Mine is an exploding rocket from bonfire night last year ....took it myself and absolutely love it !!

My lock screen is a picture of my partner and I on our first anniversary :)

My wallpaper is a picture of us that I put on the phone the day I got it back in 2013 and never changed...not sure if laziness or I just really like the picture haha :p

Mines picture of husband and daughter cuddling

Baby's scan picture :D

Pic of my dog on my tablet, my other dog on my phone and one of my skinny pigs (hairless guinea pigs) on my pc :)

My lock screen is of a dress which had an atlas printed on it & my home screen is of a very pretty womans arse being grabbed by a gorgeous manly hand.

My laptop desktop is of a a close up shot of roses.

Both my lock screen and home screen is a picture of my girlfriend smiling. :)

Mediterranean sunset

My lock screen is a pic of my cat playing and my home screen is a pic of me with one of my favourite singers, taken when I met him after a concert.

Sorry, posted twice and I can't find how to delete it!

On my phone it's a foliage photo that my boyfriend took. On my tablet (Kindle) it's Amazon's stock photos!

One is wife's ass in a white g string, other is wife bent over wearing a yellow thong and you can see her pussy, have to be careful when on my phone in public

Ooh fun! 

My phone wallpaper is the totally droolworthy Tom Hiddleston as Loki <3 

And my monitors at work are the "Eclipse" Lovehoney logo on one, and a strange arty deer-in-space thing on the other. 

My is a family pic needs to be changed as kids are toddlers in it xx may do that tonight when get thinking cap on

On my phone the lock screen is my Boyfriend & I in Vegas, the homepage is both my dogs cuddles up together sleeping.

![smiley|20x20](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif "smiley")

On my phone I have a picture of me and Mr Scorpius from our last holiday :) xx