When did you explore sexuality the most? (poll)

When did you explore the most when it comes to sex and sexuality?

  • Teens
  • 20’s
  • 30’s
  • 40’s
  • 50’s
  • 60+
  • Never really explored.
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Still lots more folks to jump in here but it is seeming that the 30’s is prime time for exploring sex so far.

Sexuality in my 20’s but sex in our 40’s.

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Good point. Sex and sexuality two completely different issues. l didn’t think of that when I set up the poll.

Just thought and back our sexlife changed, improved and became varied massively in our 30’s too not our 40’s​:grin::grin:

I get it. Make the poll work as best you can.

Wow! 30’s really doing the thing here!

Or is it just more people in their 30’s have voted?

I don’t think so. There are many on these message boards that are 40+

I’m in my dirty 30s and still figuring things out.

Didn’t actually have sex in my teens, although I explored a few things. And I think in my 20s I was working on relationships more than sex. Now that I’m comfortable in my relationships, its playtime :sweat_smile:

@be3169 Agreed there are many on the board over 30, but this will always be factored towards the younger groups as they can’t vote for an age group that they haven’t reached/experienced yet. Figuring with this taken into account the 30’s is shown as a leader.

I like that you have done it, assuming we are taking about what sexual activities I really like and not what sexual orientation I was, made me think of what phase of my life I was at and the impacts that influenced it.
Teens, was mainly about getting laid.
20’s started lots more exploration.
30’s Didn’t really have the dirty thirties as we had a young family then.
40’s Teenage kids always around the house
50’s Bit more constant “us” time, so exploration ramped back up again.
60’s was my vote though, this is mainly cause I’m with a new partner and easier access to toys etc.

Or have I over thought this too much :wink:

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No, you raise an interesting point I hadn’t actually thought about when I set up the poll. While I am no “senior citizen” I have been through most of the decades (but not all) you explain. Young family is another issue I hadn’t factored in. Still fun to see the participation in the poll but great point made.

On another note, I am surprised that teens are showing so strong. Back in those days I used to say I just want to get my dinky stinky. It had nothing to do with exploration. Interesting…

Please remember that life at Lovehoney starts at 18.

I will add a note that “teen” refers to “Eighteen and Nineteen”


30’s for us. We met in late 20s and so were happy just having a bang and spending time with each other. Now we are in out 30’s and have lived together for 7 years it started to feel a bit stale, so we have invested in more toys and are exploring things more - safe to say things have come alive again!

I imagine a number of members are similar to me , at midnight on your 18th birthday you were jumping right in on your sexual journey . I was probably about as sexual in my twenties and the came back to it in my 50 and on . Similar to exploring the kinkier side of sex . The child raring years limited available private time to get too kinky . I believe I am in my kinky prime right now , biggest limiting factor is wore out old body .

I only had 1 year when i was early 20’s which is unfortunate as i have a wealth of knoweldge now

I’m conflicted in how to respond.

I was 18 when I met my now-wife and we covered a lot of ground before we hit our 20’s in terms of exploring right up to some limits together. (It’s a dark horse to win the vote as it’s such a short time and mostly a depth of exploring how much we enjoyed each other even if the breadth of acts was pretty narrow).

But we were in our 20’s when we got married, had lots of sex, explored lots of positions, bought our first toys, and began playing with anal sex and play (both of us), and delving into our kinkier sides (we both love B/D and D/S but aren’t particularly much for the S/M). The breadth of our exploration was WIDE.

Now we’re drawing fast upon the end of our 30’s and while we haven’t broken much new ground with regard to sex, the DEPTH of our exploration has been RICH. We were both 30 when our son was born and that just changes everything about your life and things became richer from there. We both identify as much kinkier than we did 10 years ago and are much better communicators around our needs and desires. Anal sex and pegging are not just tolerated dabbles but bring great pleasure to both of us whether giving or receiving. I don’t know if Womanizer even existed 10 years ago, but holy cow those toys are a notch unto themselves. Finally, I was forced to expose, confront, and address a porn addiction that is chicken-or-egg with my lifelong mental health challenges and the honesty and vulnerability required to finally tackle those things has created an intimacy that is much richer than we had before.

So I dunno. I’m inclined to think that we’re exploring more every year. Even when you look around and say, “there’s nothing left to try” you can go back to what you have and look even deeper into it, become more entranced and fascinated.


Really great post @LRLRL . Your last comment really caught my attention because I have at times felt I have done everything I am interested in only to have a new idea turn up. Open minds and intimate discussions make for an awesome relationship. Congrats on your long term marriage BTW.

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Thanks! 20 years together this spring, and our 17th wedding anniversary in June! There are some things I obviously miss about being 22, but overall it just keeps getting better!