When does new items get added to the website?

I was wondering when new items get added to the LH website (specifically sex toys)? Is there a certain time or do they just get added randomly? I keep checking every day to see if any has been added and I can’t seem to find a particular pattern that they get added. I was wondering if anyone knew?

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Ive never noticed any pattern, though there may be one.

It’s just as and when they have new products. They tend to get less new products in during a big sale but beyond that there is no pattern; too many different manufacturers and suppliers involved and too large a customer base to have set times (don’t want the website crashing).

I would think, things get added as LH receive them from their supplier. They may set them up on the website on a specific day and release them when they have them. At that stage it will just be a matter of unhiding them so the public can see them rather than their admin team.

Think they just add them when they get them come in.