Where do you masturbate?

Recent research reinforces the view that frequent ejeculation is good for prostate health.

A detailed study appeared in a recent article in the Journal of European Urology http://www.europeanurology.com/article/S0302-2838%2861%2900377-8/fulltext

This story was reported in a number of newspapers and also by the NHS http://www.nhs.uk/news/2017/07July/Pages/Frequent-ejaculation-may-decrease-prostate-cancer-risk.aspx

The advice can be summarised as: "Ejaculating at least 21 times a month significantly reduces a man's risk of prostate cancer"

For most men, even if they are married or in a relationship, this will require masturbating roughly every other day. I don't really want to tell my wife every other day that I am going upstairs to masurbate so my question is - where do married men find somewhere comfortable where they can masturbate without being disturbed?

Shower or toilet I would imagine if the O. H doesn't help out!

My hubby told me he's doing before getting up from bed when he's off work and got the house for himself. Clever boy!

My husband masturbates in the living room after I've gone to bed, in the bedroom when I'm out, and in the bath or shower.

I guess it's more about having the time to himself rather than the "where".

In the shower when get home after the gym or in the living room in morning before anyone is up :P

In the bathroom or bedroom, mostly, but I have to wait for my wife to be away for long enough for me to clean up and hide toys. Nowadays it's 2 or 3 in the morning once everyone's asleep as she doesn't 'get' masturbation (handjobs are a no-no) and I doubt I could swing the 'looking after my prostate' argument!

21 times a month? Once a fortnight, if I'm lucky...

My OH more often than not wakes me up every morning having a wank which, if I am not tired will then lead to sex. If I cant be bothered I pretend to still be asleep!! As long as I know what he is up to I don't mind, he used to get up and go straight downstairs and do it in the kitchen ( we have a massive kitchen/dining room with tv) so would sit and do it without me knowing, but now he just does it next to me as he knows he will probably get it as well 😉 reading that on the he news was his excuse for doing it all the time!

Anywhere they can find five minutes of peace I'd imagine. We're not married, but I know the other half uses the shower if I'm not up for it!

Wherever iv got quick access to kitchen roll/loo roll. Otherwise I can't be bothered, even when I'm horny because ejaculating into my pants just isn't worth the hassle.

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I dont think I could hit 21 times in a month, more than 3-4 in a week and I'm struggling to get there regardless of the stimulation, 2 days in a row can be challenging but doable, but I highly doubt more than that now.

As for where, shower / bed / lounge but depends on whos home, what time of day it is etc

Well we have sex daily so he doesn't do it much, mainly when he's away for work... In the shower or in bed at home if the mood takes him ❤


According to the husband... in the bathroom 😊

Usually the bathroom as the lock on the door stops any awkwardness, a few of my mates have been caught cock handed in front of the computer haha. Strange as I'll happily play in front of my partner but shudder at the idea of being caught in the act!

Mind just tells me he's going upstairs to masturbate :)

Hahahaha I'm not single and I still do it more than that maybe at least once a day

And it's mainly in the bathroom

anywhere i dont offend others really

Anywhere inside or outside the house, and it doesn't matter if the OH is about, she loves to watch me and even if she comes in and catches me having a quick tug, usually she'll watch till I've cum and then she likes to clean me off and makes sure I have taste it.

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Shower,in front of the t.v. or watching porn on the computer

If i'm really lucky in bed with other half watching and her playing with my balls

I usually on the bed in the bedroom. About 5 or 6 times a month.