Where to shop for beautiful swimwear?

I hope it's okay to ask - I remember Lovehoney have said they'll never stock swimwear as it's too functional.

I'm looking for a one-piece suit that camouflages the belly and does not squash my breasts. Shouldn't too difficult to find, but I've made the rounds of the local sports and clothes shops and can't find anything I really like. I'd be grateful for either internet tips, or the name of brick-and-mortar chains in France (in case I've missed one).

You could try Kiniki, I have been using them for years.

Fantastic quality, and a good selection.

Do you like retro styling? ForLuna do some lovely one pieces, with ruching on the tummy...

Ah, if only it were so easy:

Kiniki's interesting styles are tan-through, which I don't need or want.

Whereas I quite like the look of the '50s pin-ups on the ForLuna site, I couldn't pull it off - and I don't really want to wear my mother's swimsuit either...

And whereas LaRedoute offers great variety, they don't have any sort of sizing guide, so I wouldn't know what to order.

But I've just sent a mail to Miraclesuit asking whether there's a shop within reach where I could try on their products.

Thanks, no idea why I didn't see it before.

I have always used Swimsuits for all .. they are American but there range is FAB! I don't wear one pieces as they aren't very flattering on me in my opinion, so I wear a high waisted bikini set and always rock it. Very good prices too. Hope this helps.

Thanks sugarboobies2232, Swimsuitsforall is great! And it's sooo refreshing to see real women as models, instead of the stick figures on LaRedoute... (and elsewhere). Now my only problem is to decide...

I live in the US and love venus.Com. Hugh waisted bottoms very flattering and tons of longer tops to choose from I find that more flattering than a one piece.

Figleaves.com and you can shop with your bra size too xx Love them and essential for my size xx

@sugarboobies2232 - maybe a stupid question, but how do you pay your orders with Swimsuitsforall? I've tried both my credit cards (definitely not maxxed out, and I did check the numbers) but neither is accepted. I'm really p.... off, because I've spent ages looking at their offer and finally managed to decide on three pieces and now I can't have them! Grrrr....

I might be too late on this one but swimwear365 is a great site x

You are right, this is a great site! Unfortunately I've just placed my order with swimsuitsforall (they fixed their computer problem, now payment is possible - at least for me) - but then it's always good to have several options.