Which part of your body do you love?

I forgot to say ‘my tongue’
Not my choice… Hers.

I love my boobs and my smile. I’m always getting told I have a lovely smile. I was the fat kid at school and fat on and off most of my life but it was when I worked in a pub in my 20s (I’m 61 now) my confidence grew and I learnt that people accept you for who you are not your body shape/size. And one thing I’ve always had told to me in all my relationships is I’m damn good at sex especially bjs so I’m a way that helped to build my confidence too.


Your avatar doesnt show your smile… but i agree about the others :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You cannot beat a bar maid with lovely boobs and a nice smile . It sounds like you have everything now being good at sex as well. @Curvy_bbw


@steve19 my first boyfriend who was about 5 years older than me (I was 19) when we had sex initially (and I didn’t have much idea what to do) went around telling everyone that I was crap at sex, he certainly didn’t want to teach me and it knocked my confidence for a few years. Fortunately I then went on to have relationships with people who were happy to show me new things and give me my confidence. Years later I found out from someone else who dated him that she thought he was crap at sex so it does make you wonder.

I dont really think anyone is crap at sex… My OH told me last night that she faked her first three orgasms with me… I was distraught. :exploding_head:
So glad she didnt say at the time coz that might have destroyed me and any ability to get it up from then on. :face_with_head_bandage:
We have mad, passionate, sensual, domineering, solo, Bdsm, sex and ive taken it up the arse since then. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We have both had huge, long lasting orgasms through learning about each other. :partying_face:
Thats the down side of first time sex with someone new… Its horny as hell and as slow or as fast as you like… but you just dont know what the other person likes or how they like it. :thinking:
It takes time… but to slate someone for it is really hurtful and can affect what happens in the future.
Young… full of cum… and fucking dumb. :ok_hand:
Its a shame some people are so cruel mate :heart:

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I actually hate the term “performing” as if you’re putting on a show which is open to criticism. Or you’ve failed the test.

I hate it, with a passion!!!

Sex and intimacy is the most amazing way to show what you feel about that other person. I’m not talking about a randy teenager just wanting to get their rocks off, that’s part of growing up and maturing. I was a randy teenager as wee all probably were at one time.

Those dinosaurs were a pain though, I’ll say it before anyone else does.

If someone says that your sex wasn’t good, they’re not someone you should get close to or associate with again.

Sex is everything intimate, I give Mrs P a cuddle and put my hand on her behind, that’s sex. If I did that with friends who I hug I wouldn’t have any and would probably be on some sort of register! Imagine her saying, that cuddle was rubbish?

Never ever let anyone get you down or make you feel you’re not good at sex or anything for that matter. If they didn’t like it, well, that’s for them to look at themselves.

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I like my eyes they are definitely my most striking feature, OH would probably say my ass.


I do like the look and overall proportions of my dick, and I’m pretty happy with my upper torso and chest at my age, but I’m not liking the spare tyre around my stomach. More cardio I guess, though Sexterminatrix doesn’t complain about it at all so that’s on me.

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Can we see them then lol

My big round bottom, belly and big tits!