Which roleplay outfit does it for you ?

Come on ladies (and gents) I'm interested in buying an outfit or two and surprise the OH after he finishes work. What's you're favourite role play outfit (sexy nurse, secretary etc) ? So far I think I'll buy a LH school girl outfit but want suggestions as we're both quite open to different ideas ! Missbutterfly xxx

My favourite is secretary but Iā€™d love to see new costumes outside of the usual (nurse, maid, secretary and student) looks. I think swat/police uniforms are super hot as are army/sailor types but for more innocent days a sexy red riding hood sounds appealing to me too :) x

If you want to give him a bit of the sexy "rough" treatment then go for a cop uniform complete with hand cuffs. Accessorise with boots . Thigh high the better . I think if he likes uniforms he will melt before your eyes.

As regards roleplay plenty of things to go out from a fine to a seach for narcotics. You can even take it further with sime "Crime Scene" sticky tape you can obtain from fancy dress outlets . Be careful about sticking it to skin though as its not designed for that purpose. I discovered this sticky tape by accident as I am currently researching possble Halloween outfits. I know its a bit early but things need planning as we have been invited to to big parties. We are hoping to go around as a zombie cop( her) and villain( me) hand cuffed together with Crime scene sticky tape wrapped around me.

I love playing sexy university teacher. Punishments for not paying attention in lectures, repeating things back to me etc.

One that was always an interesting but fun one was like an alien theme, metallic colours and bodysuits, exploring the human body and understanding what turns humans on. And vice versa, human understanding the alien ways etc.

My personal favourite is a French Maid's outfit.However my OH is constantly on to me to dress in secertary's attire.I wear white blouse,pencil skirt,black laced top hold ups and heels and those cheeky glasses.

I'm too looking for some new ideas and rather like the idea of being a schoolgirl and a headmistress.Giving and receiving some punishment! Yummy x

Mine has to be my naughty nun outfit, being a good catholic girl lol.

get to confess about all the impure thoughts Iā€™m having and then receive my punishmen5 šŸ˜‰

My wife and I have a D/S relationship in the bedroom (which is taking over normal life more and more also) so for me the most exciting outfits always start with her collar. If she had surprised me one day wearing a collar, suspenders/hold ups or thigh boots, long black opera style gloves and a G-string as she knelt before me with her eyes facing the floor and calling me sir - I think I would have tripped over my own tongue to get to her.

School girl costumes are always fun too, if you are keen on a little age play. It is yet another submissive role, I guess, perhaps my tastes are a little skewed? I think as a man, these have some deep seated subconcious attraction presumably from going through puberty surrounded by girls in school uniforms!?

French maid outfits can also be an incredible turn on (and submissive again), the lace combined with the frills work so well with suspenders or hold ups and can really look breathtaking.

I hope whatever you choose you get the reaction you desire!

Casual pyjams and lounging around? Roleplay lying in on a sunday morning. Yes please.

Personally I love them all, now if I only had a walkin wardrobe the size of a supermarket šŸ˜‚

I think your choice may also be influenced with your role in the bedroom .

Teacher/Headmistress,Police,Nurse will be more of a dominant or lead role

Student,Maid would be more of a submissive role.

Stickly speaking the roles could be made variable depending on your role play scene. For example female student could become head female student .The Teacher could be subjected to a discplinary hearing etc.

Sometimes its just a case of were your imagination takes you and the fantasy with it.

Oh wearing police or fireman does it for me. I like to wear maid...... appeals to my submissive nature xx

I can't say I've had role play before...a previous relationship I had, she used to surprise me in dress up stuff and it was really amazing...But we never done the getting into character thing and if my current Mrs woyld do it (100% know she would dress up or anything) we would probably just burst out laughing if we tried to do the character chat or references etc

Police, fireman or military really does it for me. I enjoy wearing butler or prisoner.

Interesting choices by all of you. Great to hear that people have a nice range of outfits too ! X Missbutterfly xxx

Our favourite is definately Schoolgirl, it get us both really worked up, usually start dress up night as a Sexy Secretary and work up to finishing with Schoolgirl.

Boundtocum_ wrote:

Mine has to be my naughty nun outfit, being a good catholic girl lol.

get to confess about all the impure thoughts Iā€™m having and then receive my punishmen5 šŸ˜‰

I am not Catholic but for some reason this would also do it for me . Classics are usually good , school girl , secretary french maid and do not forget dominitrics .

Ever thought about latex !!! Love honey Easyon spanking dress in red !!! All shiny and figure hugging would make me hard in a heartbeat

I never thought I was really into role play our outfit but my oh my my ex wore an army/military outfit for a dressing up event and oh my god how he got out the door surprised me as I could of just pounced on him! I was definitely super turned on!

I have a French maid outfit which is great because I can practise my French whilst wearing it haha. It also appeals to my submissive bedroom nature which is a win win. I also love schoolgirl and secretary looks which are easy enough to cobble together at home rather than having fork out for a proper outfit.

french maid and nurse all ready in use.

Next will be sexy secectry

bent over the desk with a sexy bottom jellewery in (butt plug)