Whipping/scratching him

I did a forum search on floggers and the like but couldn't find anything recent enough to comment on.

While experimenting a little the other night, we found that my OH loves to be scratched. We always knew he liked it when I did it uncontrollably from pleasure but this time there was nothing going on other than my nails actually cutting his back and drawing a fair amount of blood. He loved it.

From this he decided that he'd probably like to be whipped on his back. But seeing as it's the thin, sting or cut that he likes I didn't know whether a rubber flogger would be appropriate. I was thinking a pin-wheel might be good as well?

Any advice on a whip of forms that might sting with only a little impact, perhaps a small thin surface area to allow for red marks or raised skin?

Sounds like fun :)
You are right that the smaller surface area will create redder marks. You have to hit pretty hard for anything. Lasting though. A cane will do it.
A pinwheel is an excellent choice but if you intend to draw blood buy a decent stainless steel one that can easily be disinfected. Again you will need a lot of force to pierce the skin and even when you do the majority of marks disappear within 6 hours.

My favourite hitty thing for the sting is this
Used softly it is oh so tickly but used harshly it leaves nasty marks for days. And if it does break the skin fudge me it hurts like a bee hatch.

Really my advice is just buy lots of different things and find out what you like. Don't be afraid to experiment with things at home (kitchen drawer/tool shed) just always consider hygiene of blood is involved, you don't want to get septicaemia!

Also be creative. This hurts a lot when you are hit with it...


I think the other to mention is vampire gloves. Google it.

Sum Sub basically covered everything I would suggest. Definitely the Vampire Gloves and a thin thin cane (Like SS says, the thinner the impact area, the more stingy it feels and easier it is to break the skin - very thin canes leave welts and cut the skin)

The pinwheel would be good, but will need a bit of force.....yeah SS has covered this.

If you are drawing blood, ensure you buy toys that can be sterilised.

A whippy flogger with a little sting it it maybe a pin wheel is ace , a bull whip is harsh but would cut x

Sum Sub I've actually had that body tickler in my basket for a few days. It looks absolutely amazing, especially for temperature play too!

Love the idea of canes and bull whips, thanks guys!! I'll see what the OH has to say!

As for the blood part, I hadn't even thought about having to sterilise the pinwheel if it drew blood. What would I use for this? Just boiling water or something a bit more complicated?

I guess this reply is a bit redundant as regards the OP (hey, I’m only six years too late! :grin:), but I figured I’d mention it as a general PSA for newbies.

We should all be aware of the danger of using canes and other “hard impact” toys above the waist - especially the lower back region where the kidneys are, only just below the surface and vulnerable to bruising. Bruised kidneys = BAD voodoo.

Whips and Floggers - even ones designed to scratch/draw blood - are pretty safe for the back and upper body, but anything that imparts a lot of deep impact energy is (IMO and IME) best avoided above the waist. I know a lot depends on how you wield a thing, and of course, people should be free to explore whatever BDSM practices float their boat - Risk Aware Consensual Kink an’ all that - but this is one risk we should all stay aware of. :wink:


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