Buying toys together or on your own?

My closest girlfriend recently bought her first sex toy and her boyfriend was not happy when he found out some time later. I’ve bought most of my toys (dildo, vibrator) on my own but have also chosen toys with my boyfriend together and we enjoy them all the same.

Do you mainly buy toys on your own or with your partner?


I get all of them, rarely with my partner’s input except if he’s volunteered to pay (such as anniversary or my birthday), but he knows I have a large collection and couldn’t care less :woman_shrugging: :rofl: He encourages me to use wands/bullets during sex so I think he’s really for anything that helps me reach orgasm, with or without him :woman_shrugging: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I used to buy them without any input from my wife but she’s so into them now that we sit and choose them together.


I always buy toys on my own. Recently my husband asked me to have a look with him to chose some lingerie in the sale. He’s never shown any interest in looking with me prior to this and it was really nice to look together. I think he feels a bit uncomfortable looking with me - I not sure why he is so embarrassed having been together for over 15 years. I’m hoping that he will help me to pick out new toys in the future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My partner won’t entertain toys at all…solo or together. He won’t even have them in his house. He knows I buy them and about Lovehoney but it’s a no-no.

So I buy myself…choose myself…and use by myself.



That’s a shame. Might he come round to them one day? My husband is OK with me using toys, he just doesn’t particularly like using them with me. I have a couple of clit vibrators that I use with him but generally it’s a solo thing. He knows about most of my toys but there are a few that I haven’t shown him yet because I think he might be shocked - mainly some of my nipple clamps with teeth / weighted ones! I think they might freak him out a bit :sweat_smile:

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I buy toys on my own, but I’ll say to him what do you think if I can’t decide if there’s a few I like.

When I do get them, I’ll use them solo, and during our sessions.
When I first get them he likes to watch me using it, or he’ll use it on me.
Few occasions he’s picked out cock rings he’s liked and purchased for us to use. Apart from that he doesn’t use toys on himself.


Think if I had a partner I’d quite enjoy buying toys with them unless I wanted to surprise them with something

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So far I have only bought my own toys and use them on my own as I live with parents still. My boyfriend knows that I have a toy but wasn’t too keen on the idea so I just use them on my own and keep this info to myself. Hopefully in the future he will open up to using toys more and we could order some things together.

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If there is something I really want then I would just order it myself although the husband does buy a lot of my toys for me.
We do usually talk about what toys we want to try so he knows what I like and what to get.


Being single I only have one choice :slightly_frowning_face: :upside_down_face:

I do most, if not all the buying, but that’s for both of us.
I buy her more toys than for myself.

I have always done the buying for me and my boyfriend is not really into using toys together at all so nearly all the time I use them on my own. He knows I have them but has a low sex drive and need to orgasm due to some medication and is fine with me using them on my own.

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I buy all my toys by myself and my partner knows I have a huge collection and thinks it’s great.

I was delighted when he turned up the other day with something he had bought and wanted us to try :grin: I also then bought him a male sex toy as part of his “you got your masters” present :gift: :wink: he loves it!

So glad your wife is into this. Any advice on how to get them in this mindset?

I buy the toys by myself but they are mostly for the OH and she ends up loving them :smirk:

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I buy them for myself, hubby doesn’t like them, won’t entertain them.

So toys are for me when I’m on my own.

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Depending on what, occasionally looking together seeing what tickles our fancies

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I buy for myself, if I see something that my partner would like then I buy it.
I chat with my partner a bunch about a lot of this kinda stuff.


Same boat. we can still have fun though
Am solo, so all toy buying is by me for me. If i get a partner i would like to be able to have fun shopping together though.