Who's cooking what tonight?

The boy is doing meatballs! Im so lucky to have such a wonderful Son I really am x


Mozzarella chicken I think


That sounds very nice @The_Little_Ladybird :slightly_smiling_face:

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Had a pork joint in the slow cooker all day, so pulled pork brioche buns it is tonight :yum:


Lamb shanks and minty potatoes :drooling_face:


Home made beef Madras, beef pathia, rice and chips. :yum::yum:


Vegetarian haggis, roasted Jerusalem artichokes, tatties (maybe), I don’t like neeps so not doing clapshot, purple sprouting broccoli and whisky cream sauce. Happy Burns night to you all


Just cooked some noodles as I am home alone tonight :ramen:

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Just got in from work so I’m having nuggets and chips in the air fryer.


Veggie haggis??? Is that even a thing (or possible)?

I just got done with Cream of Crab soup. Yum!

McCormick has a killer rct that is in about weekly rotation here.

@hwmorehead - yeah, it’s very nice. Nice and nutty taste

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Just read your post and read it as McCormick has a killer rat that is in about weekly rotation here. I had to read i a few times. @hwmorehead

Nothing going out to sons for food

Southern fried chicken and salad :+1:


Yeah, I don’t think the rat would be a good replacement. Too gamey and chewy. Wouldn’t go well with the cream sauce. Or the sourdough. Also, hard to trap a rat a week out here in the 'burbs.

BTW, in the States, rct is shorthand for recipe.

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Maybe next time, I’ll try haggis with rat & Old Bay! LOL!

So you can get Old Bay where you are at (I live close to the Baltimore, where it is made)?

I use a couple of sticks of celery instead of the dried parsley, added with the sherry.

Sorry, it wasn’t about that message - I was replying to the veggie Haggis.
I have had this before and quite like it.

Seabass, haven’t decided what to do with it yet but it looked nice and fresh at the fishmongers. Also got some cockles (picked but not pickled) and don’t know what to them, if anyone has has good recipes