Wife IUScoil removed

Hi All

My wife is 47 and needed her Merina coil removing or changing. She’s decided to have it taken out and see how she gets on. She’s hoping it might help with a bit of weight loss she’s not got loads too loose but has really struggled in the last few years. She’s not had a period for the last ten years which has been great for her and our sex lives. We’re going to be using condoms again which is fine with me. Anyone got any experience of life after IUS good or bad.

Thanks all.


Think my mum has a coil to help with her menopause but know she’s been struggling badly to lose weight so maybe I’ll have to mention this to her

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Sorry to hear that. :persevere: I’m not sure. :face_with_monocle: I don’t have advice but want to wish the both of you best of luck! :heart:

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I had both types of coil over the last 20 years or so and I was so glad to have them removed. I did find my first few periods were slightly more painful and I had a few months of intermenstrual spotting but my sex drive increased (progesterone in the implant/IUS can dampen your sex drive).

Good luck to her :heart:

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I know several women who had them removed within 6 months due to bad side effects. This could be good for her

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