Wild Swimming 🏊‍♀️

My new years resolution is to try and get out more and do some wild swimming.

Is anyone in to it? How did you start? Any tips?

Reading online, a wet suit is essential? Is that true?

If you’ve done it, wheres your favourite places to go? I’ve been in a few rivers or lakes around the country on random occasions in the past, but nothing major.

Cheers for any advice!

I haven’t done any but have a friend who does, she joined a local wild swimming group so she felt safer with others there and loves the while social side of it. Worth looking to see if there’s something similar in your area.


Yes! Great idea, thank you.

I know things like that exist near the coast and presumed not locally, but will be googling it now!

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Like @Funbigguy it’s not something I do but have a couple of friends that do regularly including all through the winter! Brrr :cold_face:.

We don’t live near the coast but they both started with an open swimming group who meet regularly and swim in a couple of local lakes. One still just sticks with that (good social too) but the other goes out solo mainly now. When you are starting out though I’d recommend definitely joining a local group because it is much safer, especially if you’re going to start at this time of year (if you’re UK based?) One of them swims in a wetsuit (at least in Winter, I’m not sure about the Summer), one doesn’t but I think that’s personal preference and again when it’s cold it is probably safer to have one.

Good luck to you and enjoy - it is not for me! :rofl:


Thank you for coming back to me.

It’s interesting to see people choosing between wetsuits or not, they’re not the most attractive thing are they, but I guess you’re right, at this time of year, theyd definitely have a benefit!

Thank you!

I’ve been going open water swimming for years now. It’s fantastic for fitness, socialising and mental wellbeing.

First got into in when a member of the opposite sex asked me if I wanted to enter an open water swim race. Naturally I said yes. Don’t see her anymore but she did look great in that tight black neoprene suit of hers :wink: .

You need to be a competent swimmer or at least find a coached session. The sport is generally safe however people do need fishing out the water when they get tired or panic. Don’t let that put you off though. Another top tip is make sure you apply some lubricant to your neck (not any you get off lovehoney!) otherwise your neck will chafe like hell.

Wetsuits are generally worn however once the water temp gets above around 20C you can go in just shorts/cossie as long as you wear tow float. For a wetsuit it’s best to try them on if you can as they are a very snug fit.

For venues try here: Find Open Water swimming venues | Swim England Open Water


Awesome advice - thank you so much!

Already started looking for venues on the link you sent!

Here I go

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My other half does it.
She weara swim suit all year round, no time for wetsuits, to bulky and we’ll, did you ever wear one as a kid when you went to the seaside? Probably not.

Climatising is probably the best. Slow steady emersion, few minutes at a time build up to time swimming. A pair of wetsuit gloves and boots are helpful in colder months but not essential.

If you plan to swim you’ll be OK with the movement and if you plan to do what alot of people do and just sit/stand there bobbing about you’ll need a wetsuit…cause you’re not actually doing much 🤷

After you come out, those dry robes are 100% worth the money, I have one for when I go which is never pretty much. A hot drink and hot water bottle are good ideas.

There are LOADS of pages on social media, Instagram even has a few.
Depending where in the country you’ll get groups in your area etc or look for your local boating club

Only my 2p on these issues, other may say different but some of what I said isn’t just my opinion. Take what you wish from the above and disregard what doesn’t appeal to you, but I hope something helps :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome. I love the sport. Keeps my mind and body well. I hope it does the same for you.

Also just to echo Bigian above a dry robe (search for “swimzi”) is a must especially if it’s beach changing!

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I swim in a lake as part of my triathlon training and love it,swim mostly in ‘skins’ but also have a wetsuit for events as they’re usually mandatory, I had a couple of coaching sessions at the beginning to teach me how to climatise and learn the signs for the onset of hypothermia etc etc,as for groups the bluetits are a nationwide group for open water swimming.

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Without giving my location away a LOT of people wild swim here but I don’t personally. My idea of wild swimming means running between my patio doors and a 40 degree hot tub … lol

Yes a wet suit is usually needed and it’s apparently a lot of fun. No thanks for me - too cold !!!

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