Wow she squirted

Carnt believe part way thru an awesome session my wife had experienced the awesome feeling of squirting. She had her clit sucker on and I used the awesome info that LH help guide gives and boom. We are doing in and she looks at me and says OMG I’m about to squirt. I’ll never forget her face :heart::heart:needless to say that tipped me over the edge I’ve never cum so much. Thank you Lovehoney advice


Which guide was that?

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Go into lovehoney guide. Click advice. Scroll down to lubes and sex advice tab click on that and you’ll see a guide on how to squirt


Amazing…this is something i’d love my OH to experience (and for me to experience her enjoying it too) - Im pretty sure we’ve been close a few times, but shes shot it down with the “feeling like I need to pee”…but hopefully one day…

We’ve just invested in a waterproof blanket for the bed…sadly not for overtly sexual reasons…but instead to protect our bed from our cat who on occasion takes to weeing on my pillow if shes spooked) - but inside im hoping that if she knows we have that protection she might feel more relaxed about the whole thing…

If it never happens that’s fine and I understand not everyone can, or wants to do it…but it sounds so amazing…

Awesome! Fun isn’t it :smile:

I now it’s it the be-all-and-end-all, but I would love to manage this with my wife once - mainly because, after a particularly good session in the early days of our relationship, she said she had to stop herself from squirting! Never really come up since, other than immediately worrying about the potential mess, but may be time to read that guide …

It’s happened to me quite a few times now but it’s still a blue moon scenario.

It did however happen this week for the first time in months and months. It’s an amazing feeling and you’ve got to have total trust in the person to allow it to happen.

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Having the protection down helps. My wife first started squirting when pregnant and has continued since then (6 years). We took ownership of a waterproof cot blanket for this purpose. Now we always put it down for sex so my wife doesn’t have to ‘hold back’ as she puts it.

It’s rarely the first orgasm so if she’s feeling it she asks for the mat to go down and we carry on. Saves the clean up.