Writing reviews

Tried to write my first review today but it was rejected for “not meeting the criteria” on one or more questions. I can’t see that there was anything missing or inappropriate, where can I find guideline please? (Sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong place!)


This is essentially the guide (and guidelines) to How to Write a Review.

A review will not be rejected for not meeting all the criteria as long as you’ve filled something in for all the categories marked with stars. Did you definitely give it both a star rating and a title for example as well as the bulk of review? Every starred box needs something in it.

The only reasons the content would actually be rejected (I think) is if it is too explicit, if it contains references to products not sold by Lovehoney or competitor sellers or if you’ve included personal contact information but I’d have thought you would get a different message for this.


Did you get the ‘thank you for submitting a review’ message on the screen and the email to verify your email?

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Thank you.I’m pretty sure I had star rated everything and filled in all the boxes, also wasn’t explicit, so don’t really understand. Will have another go

No I didn’t get that far, just rejected the review

Try on the desktop site, I wasn’t able to click post review yesterday but was able to on the desktop site.

This message will only show if one or more of the compulsory fields are left blank. The review content is not moderated until after the review is submitted. :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you Brenna, will try again