3 years caged

Today is the third anniversary of me starting to wear a chastity cage and the start of our totally changed relationship.

I still wear the cage all my waking hours and 24/7 during Locktober.

Our female led male chastity relationship has evolved over this time but still retains the essentials.

I still do all the housework and chores, she keeps me naked when possible and she teases and edges me frequently but typically allows me an orgasm every 4 - 6 weeks. When she does allow me to come my orgasms are life changing.

She has total control over her own orgasms and always comes at least once every day but typically more. She decides exactly how she gets her orgasms. Sometimes she allows me to make her come but mostly she just let’s me watch or listen while she masturbates.


Personally not for me but each to there own. I would want more control. You have done very well doing it for 3 years.

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That is impressive ! If my wife were able to be more interested in sex a whole lot more often I would give it a go . Honestly though , not orgasming multiple times a week has zero attraction for me . Having never tried to be caged , I would think it would be uncomfortable most of the time ? I can’t imagine a cage under my jeans or riding gear or when working in the garden or when under vehicles twisting in tight spaces . Especially in winter , in summer when I wear no clothes or loose lite shorts it might work . Educate me .

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The constant teasing, edging and orgasm denial generates a completely different headspace where the physical stimulation becomes very intense and enjoyable in itself and an orgasm will actually take you out of that headspace and you have to start all over again.

If you get the correct size and type of cage it is not uncomfortable at all. Most of the time I forget that I have it on. Like you I work on cars and motorbikes and occasionally have to move carefully but part of the enjoyment is the constant but slight stimulation from the movement of the cage. I do not. however. ride the motorbike with the cage on.


Please your enjoying your retirement… Bet you hope you never get probation / parole :joy::joy:

I can’t see us ever going back to our old relationship. We’re both enjoying this far too much.

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I’m no expert at this like @rockstar but I can definitely verify the totally different headspace experience. Knowing you can’t orgasm from your penis in itself makes you infinitely more aware of the weight, the incidental stimulation, and in cases of the (more so metal ones in my experience) that have the ability to be touched through the cage but don’t allow you to grow…are like lightning bolts through your body. It also makes you desperate to orgasm to the point you’re willing to do almost anything if you have a Libido like mine. Being caged and pegged is kind of the holy grail of being caged in my opinion. It’s actually how we started caging me, way back when, as an exploration into role reversal dynamics.

I can also state that from an “always in control and decision making perspective personality type,” when I’m caged I’m liberated in a way. It naturally puts me in a much less stressed headspace because I know I’m not in control. I don’t have to stress over making every minute decision while out in public, etc. Things like road rage (by other drivers), that would usually irritate me on long drives didn’t when I was caged, as an example. The whole experience is as much psychological as it is sexual, for me at least.

If I could find the right Cage combination that would allow me to keep my ball stretcher and or other CBT related toys on, I would be in heaven while caged. We don’t do it as much as we used to, but now you’ve gotten me thinking about surprising her when I pick her up from work in a few hours. :wink:

I love that you do the whole experience @rockstar ; from caging, denied, cleaning naked and or dressed up and the whole servitude experience. I think it’s a beautiful way to show the partner in your life you’re willing to reverse roles, especially if you’re naturally dominant, and that you appreciate what they’ve done for you. The surrender of control/power is a sacred thing In my mind. Either from the Dom accepting it, or the sub offering it.

Dom/Sub used as base terminology, I know this doesn’t apply to every dynamic like what I understand yours to be. Or what I was trying to let my GF experience in terms of role reversal. But by simply doing something, more than just thanking your partner/my GF, to show your partner/my girlfriend that You/I appreciate everything they do that at least in my GFs case, has been basically forced to do all of her life and had essentially been taken for granted as a result before we met.

Well, in my case, the old adage “If you want to turn a woman on…clean,” is carried over and more when I do things like you’ve described while caged for my GF, anyway. It’s…precious, in an emotionally priceless kind of way, to share that experience with someone you really care about to show them you know, care, understand, and appreciate them, to me, and I suspect you would agree with regard to your partners libido increase. Am I correct in that @rockstar ? :wink:

@Oldman see if that adage proves true in your partner’s experience? If you’ve never tried it, I would encourage you to do it just for one day and tell your partner she decides when/where/how it’s taken off or how you’re able to orgasm. I would suggest an “achievement/reward,” scenario to propose to her and see how that pans out for a little at a time? I would Just make sure to keep one key in case of emergency/re: discoloration until you find the right fit - unless you find you like making her realize you’re doing everything you can to earn her participation/attention/permission?

Who knows. It might be the spark that’s new and kinky for both of you to escalate her libido when she knows she’s is in control rather than (I’m not stating this is true in your case, just generally), expected or wanted to be horny/sexually involved, etc. it’s a way for her to be involved without much expectation is what I’m trying to (and falling at) eloquently attempting to say. Kind of takes the pressure off her and puts it on you to earn it, however she determines “it,” is. Does that make sense?

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Not so much an increase in libido but a huge increase in control of her orgasms. It used to be the case that she would pressurise herself into thinking that she had to come for my satisfaction. This would, in turn, cause her to lose the mood and lose her orgasm. Now she has total control of her own orgasms and feels no pressure whatsoever so she can now come from any kind of stimulation. She can stop, change methods or deliberately edge herself endlessly and still orgasm easily when she decides that it’s time. She has also developed the ability to ride through one orgasm and straight on to the next with no rest period in between.

The real mutual benefit which results from my orgasm denial is a huge increase in simple physical intimacy such as kissing and cuddling as the time since my last orgasm grows longer. I seem to sublimate all my sexual desires on to her instead.


I was kind of blanket terming libido, but I understand what you mean. It liberated her of expectations and stresses with regard to that. I kind of alluded to that in my post elsewhere but, I’m happy for both of you.

I can certainly empathize and I still think it’s a beautiful gesture. I couldn’t remain caged for that long so you have my admiration.

I’m glad you’re both benefiting and I commend you on your choice and commitment. :wink:

Oh rockstar - free the cock - what was he guilty of…

Cannot see why you would cage him - but each to their own

The appeal here is far more psychological than it is physical (although it has that effect also). The mental headspace essentially leaves you horny AF, 24/7 (or at least, while wearing the cage). There is also the power dynamic in having your SO in complete control of your genitals, being the ultimate “gift” for them, relinquishing all sexual control to them. And if you combine it with a good pegging, well…! It’s the closest you can get to pure ecstasy!

I’ve only scratched the surface of its appeal, but there are many very good guides to this kink/lifestyle should you wish to know more, such as “A keyholder’s guide to chastity” by Georgia Ivey Green, and “Male Chastity” by Lucy Fairbourne to name just two.

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After a couple of weeks without an orgasm I am constantly horny and become much more intimate with my wife, kissing and cuddling often. I also become more subservient in terms of things I will do around the house etc. hoping that she will reward me with with sexual contact of some sort. In this headspace being pegged while caged (and restrained or with clamped and chained nipples) is absolute bliss and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a slow sensual pegging or a rough ‘punishment’ pegging. It’s something that I’ve come to crave constantly over the last 3 years.


Congrats on your anniversary achievement rockstar.

Chastity is something which intrigues me. Not sure I’m ready for a cage but I have recently started refraining from orgasm during solo masturbation and found the orgasms during sex with my wife have become more intense. Complete abstinence would be step too far for me at moment but the form of orgasm control I’m doing has worked wonders for our sex life so far and I can only imagine the powerful psychological impact that more advanced chastity brings.

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Thank you. After 3 years we’re both still loving the changed relationship.