3sum how far would you go if you are straight

Im soso straight lol

For me i could never even think of hooking up with a bloke just to try anything out BUT....
If my g/f asked for a 3sum her me and another bloke i would then do what ever she asked me to do,does this make me gay NONO i would be doing it to please my g/f,the only thing i wouldn't want to do is anal/and french kissing
She would really have to get me going to do those two things
But she has said 3sums is not and will never be on her to do list,she just couldn't go through with it,and its not a thing that would turn her on

I might do anal if i wasn't using my cock,strap-on

Really i wouldn't take any commands from the bloke just whatever my g/f would ask me to do,and when she would ask me it would take a bit of time to get me to do it

Jezzer, noticed that your posting a lot of "im straight honest" and "am i gay" type threads lately. Me thinks somebody may be a little confused and is tempted to try the other side

Nope im not confused

But do tell me what threads you are talking about ive not said anything that would imply i might be wanting to try the otherside

Where are the im straight honest" and "am i gay" type threads?

Jezzer, perhaps it would help you to understand people whose sexual pleasures went beyond the ones you allow yourself, if only you opened your mind to the possibility that there might be pleasure to be found outide your own (rather conservative, dare I suggest?) boundaries?

The world wouldn't be what it it today if brave people had never indulged in experimentation.
When I was a kid I HATED Brussels sprouts. Mainly because I had never tasted them. When I grew up, and found the courage to taste them, I found that they were actually rather good!

The phrase 'don't knock it until you've tried it' also comes to mind...

Have to say I'm a definate no go when it comes to female experimentation.

WOuldn't indulge in a 3sum in a relationship anyway. I'm just old fashioned that way lol and way too jealous to see my bloke with another girl, and I'd find it weird essentially cheating on my bloke while he was watching if it were mmf.

Out of a relationship I might be tempted, but only if all of us were single, and it was mmf. Totally not turned on by women. We're all gorgeous (boobs are brill lol) but I like the cock too much to do more than kiss.

I like cock but I would try sex with another girl just to experience it. But the occasion would have to be right. Something that just happened naturally and spontaneously coz I don't feel the need to initiate it!

Any developments here yet Imelda?


Nope, and to be honest, I doubt it would ever happen. If it does, you'll be the first to know TB!

I think for me the 3sum works better in my head as I couldnt stand to see hubby with another woman. so although I flirt and joke i dont know as to whether I could do a 3sum,

again with the girl on girl thing if it happened it would probably be a drink fuelled night lol, I find some women attractive but not in a way that I think phwoar I could shag the pants of her. and Like imelda it would be a spur of the moment thing and not something I would plan,

I like cock too much also

I think - that maybe is where we all go wrong- press the right bottons in the right circs and stand back is the way l see this happening, my friends together for shared experience is based on truth-well almost- but l was young and inexperienced, hence missed the chance, but describes what would have been in my head had it happened, sites like this increase the potential, but how do you handle the pressure- over to you BBG !!!


all the way .... no questions asked :P

I'd do everything and anything!

In my experience it is best to pick one thing the your male partner can't do with another woman and that you can't do with another male. (in a straight couple obviously) just so that there is something special you both only share with each other but i'd be happy to do almost anything else.