50sog film...

Ok..with this film soon to hit the cinema....how is the new nanny state stance on things like bondage,spanking etc going to face it?

There is bound to be scenes which that recent ruling on what can be shown here in the UK is going to find a challenge
Are we going to see them back off..and let us have our fun... Or sensor it...
Either way they are going to get egg on their face...
Ridiculed for having double standards...or hung for any type of sensoring...

I am sure looking forward to seeing it in its full glory..,..and I am sure to get a few tips along the way😊
So you can't wait?
You want to see it in its full glory?

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it. I'm not a huge fan of the books, but I'd be interested to see how much they are willing to show.

However, I'm sure that the ban was only on British filmmakers making scenes of the now banned kinks, rather than it being made by an American filmmaker and just shown over here? I guess that'd mean there shouldn't be a problem as I think it's being made by an American company....

If you're referring to the porn laws they won't have any effect on the movie. The new laws govern what can be made in the UK not what can be consumed.

So I'm pretty sure the FSOG will be about as sexy as the book, which in my case was not at all but each to their own.

I doubt it will affect the movie as it is not Porn.

The new laws only effect what can be filmed in the UK, not what can be watched.

FSOG has brought the sex scene into the forefront of the media and shines a light on something that use to be shunned. Although, I personally feel the book misrepresented the BDSM lifestyle and I hope the film changes the stalkish behaviour of Mr Grey, who is on the verge of abuse, rather than Dom. And Anastasia, who has a problem with food, can't be doing with a film that relates eating disorders to a bad representive of BDSM.

But we shall see

I must admit I found the books a real disappointment after all the hype, but it did pique my interest in trying out some light bondage and spanking with hubby which we both love, so that can't be a bad thing.
I'd be interested to see the film and hope it's sexier than the books!

The nation will be full of people who skim read and reacted with outrage to those new regulations suddenly crying with glee that the government got played. Fact is, they didn't.

It doesn't matter. It doesn't count. It is a movie, not a porno. Nothing to do with the rules put in place about porn filmed in the UK. It's an entirely seperate thing. As people have said, nothing prevents the UK from watching any of those acts. They just can't be filmed by the industry.

You'd think they passed that crap just so FSOG gets all this attention for being edgy and controversial and throwing the rules back in the face of the government...which it's not...

I cannot control my excitement to see this! My oh reckons there won't be any rude bits in it as its being shown at the cinema. I don't agree! I'm hoping it does.

I tried my best to read fsog; got about a third of the way into the first book before finding it unreadable.

Hopefully, the movie will at least be better scripted, but if it's not 18 rated - which, given its subject matter, damn well ought to be - then it'll be a big disappointment. So in that respect, very much like the book!

The porn laws don't affect what can be filmed in the UK, but what can be published in the UK. You can still film in the UK, but you can't publish them here (you have to publish outside the UK).

If I'm right I think the laws apply to commercial porn as well as homemade porn shared among friends or a partner by publishing it online (say sharing something on your phone you filmed at a sex club that may break the rules, although these would be harder to deal with legally etc). Heck I've seen loads of people post things on social media and think it's ok, even porn clips as a joke that they filmed.

You can view the porn no problem, that's not against the law, or view movies and things with the content in too.

Fifty Shade won't fall under the content ban as it hasn't been produced over here, and viewers will be able to view it in the UK.

Was told not to bother reading the books n read sylvias books instead so thats what ive started...

Although I do wanna go see what the hypes about with the movie... changing subject im more intrested in bond coming out in Nov x

Or Star Wars in December! ^^

I am looking forward to this film about as much as I am having a tooth pulled !

never read the books and they still had a impact on my life , In a good way , but from what i have heard and seen Im dont think it will transfer to movies , you can only imply tension sensation ect

startwars on the other hand !!!

i cannot wait to see it! I've had my tickets booked since November for it for an early screening on the 13th ^_^ From what I've heard and read online, it's gping to be racy but there won't be any actual sex being shown from waste down.

But it is an 18 so that's made me hopeful, I've heard the bath scene will be in it & I'm really hoping the scene where he ties her to the big 'X' with the riding crop in the red room is in the film. I'm quite looking forward to how they'll end the film, fromt the tv spots from the US it looks like the director has stuck closely to the book and EL James had a major input on how/what would be screen written into the film, the book gave me very high expectations and I pray the film will be what I've pictured for so long, without a doubt going to see it multiple times ^_^ x

magicnumber69 wrote:

Or Star Wars in December! ^^

SPECTRE rubs hands in excitement.

Another one for Star Wars here...

Even though there are several FSOG toys I would genuinely love to have, I admit I never liked the books. Neither the writing style of the author, nor the characters appealed to me... (Well, to be frank, I actually disliked them. A lot...)

Read 2 chapters of first book utter drivel, bored didn't care about the characters, won't be seeing the film not interested, unless I either want to see the story or fancy male lead film wise doesn't happen now. I'm not interested now SPECTRE on the other hand is 007 my other big love away from Who .Decent History films are rare.

I have no real interest in seeing the FSOG film, the books were bad enough ! And as it's not actually a porn film I doubt there will be anything too hardcore in it . I rather just watch real porn.

I also don't fancy Jamie Dornan :)

I'm actually really wanting to see the new marvels avengers film! geeking out!

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