A little secret...

Ok I'm going to tell you a little secret of mine just because it feels good to get it off my chest. I'm 21, a straight male and when I was about 11 I was looking for something of mine in my brothers bedroom and came across a mesh see-through thong. I do not know who's it was as I don’t have a sister and my mum definitely wouldn’t wear anything like that. My brother must have been 15 at the time. Anyways for some reason most likely just curiosity, I tried it on. It felt so good and kinky! Ever since that day, I have a kinky obsession with thongs. I can easily get an erection just by putting one on and the same goes for any good looking girls wearing them too. Is this a fetish?

Because I was only 11 and felt compelled to get one myself I ended up sewing one myself! It wasn’t bad but it was way too tight so it wasn’t totally comfortable. At the time I had no way of buying one anonymously as I didn’t have a credit/debit card that I could use to buy anything on the internet and I wasn’t willing to walk into a lingerie store at the age of 11, so I ended up stealing a couple of thongs from my 2 of my aunts. I never had the intention of stealing them. I've always felt bad about this as I know it’s a creepy to do but the opportunity presented itself and so just it happened and ofcourse I regret it now. A number of years later I got a debit card so I was able to actually buy instead of steal so I did buy some thongs designed women in a couple of websites, one being lovehoney. The reason I bought women’s thongs is because there are loads of styles available, they tend to be cheaper and are a lot better quality than men’s thongs. Back then I couldn’t find any decent looking thongs for men, all I could find at the time were silly novelty thongs (elephant character etc). About a year ago I tried to move into wearing men’s thongs. I based my reasoning on it being less weird because it’s not cross dressing if the clothing is designed for men. Most of my male thongs don’t feel that good in comparison but I have one which I really like which is better than any other. These days I see a lot more non-novelty thongs designed for men in comparison to a couple of years ago and this includes a larger selection available at lovehoney which is good to see. I tend to only wear thongs when I'm horny. I wouldn’t wear them in public just around the house.

In other forums when a discussion over thongs takes place you see a lot of guys (who clearly haven’t actually ever worn one) say "it must feel like a huge wedgie all day!". This couldn’t be far from the truth, my boxers at times used to fold in my crack at times and almost turn into a thong. This was extremely uncomfortable but wearing a thong isn’t. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I'm wearing anything! I also hate how any man wearing a thong is labeled gay when I’m 100% straight.

I know most women don’t like to see men wearing thongs at all. I'm not fat, chubby but I don’t have the visible upper body strength most women find acceptable for the type that are ok to wear a thong. So basically I just have a slim profile but not skinny enough that my ribs easily show. If I was female my body would be considered good but I'm not lol.

I'm pretty sure my brother is a full blown cross-dresser as he has loads of high heels and women’s lingerie around his room now. Its almost as if he doesn’t care anymore because there all over his small room and as high heel boxes are fairly large he doesn’t really attempt to hide them. I'm certain my mum knows about this and probably about my thong collection too! The difference being is my brothers fetish has clearly taken over his room.

Weirdly enough a year ago I developed a thing for women’s heels, I find women wearing platform heels (1" off the ground" so hot! http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16463 I get no kick out of any girl wearing other types of heels so its specific to this type (weird). At times, I get tempted to buy a pair just to see what they look like, but this is a step too far for me and goes well beyond the cross-dressing route.

I've recently tried shaving off my pubic hair down below just again out of curiosity and the fact that it was a jungle down there. I also figured a lot of pubic hair + thong = ugly scene! I quite like it because not only is it all neat down there but my balls are silky smooth. When I don’t have time to shave everything off I still try to trim it back to make it look tidy. Logically if we keep our hair on our head presentable and tidy it doesn’t really make sense to completely ignore downstairs.

This whole thing must just seem really weird.

My question to men here is have you tried on any good quality thongs and got an erection just over wearing one?

Are there any women out there that are ok with the kind of physical profile I have mentioned above wearing a thong?