A wee in the shower

Still guilty of this

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I love having a pee in the shower especially when I first get in, start peeing on my feet as I turn the shower on, warm pee mixed with the cold water as the shower first starts is just an amazing feeling.

If I need one and I’m about to get in the shower might as well wait and do it in there, saves water and much less chance of missing the toilet/target 🤦

I always pee in the shower - it’s no biggie.

But I think I’m ready to give hubby a golden shower, we’ve been talking about it but it hasn’t been done yet.

I’m guessing the best place is to just do it in the tub right?
So it’s easy to clean and you can both have a quick shower off afterwards.
I am also thinking about just doing it outside in the garden… Or is that just weird, like an animal :thinking:


In the bath/shower is fine! Such an erotic experience! Enjoy!

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I pee in the shower as it just washes away but not in the bath otherwise you would just be sitting in it and not getting clean.


I had this “conversation” with my ex, about peeing in the shower. I tried to say that I pee straight down the drain, she said “you can’t even pee in something the size of a toilet without hitting the seat”. And that’s how the fight started!


Every day. My husband also likes me to give him a golden shower, mostly in the bathroom, but certainly not exclusively.


Nothing is weird in life

Never intentional and only on very odd occasion. Usually aware requiring to go,before getting in shower.