Advice for couples sex toy

silverdrop wrote:

I would recommend not only gentle lubricants, but also a regular vaginal moisturizer that you apply daily.

I've tried lubricant in the past and it doesn't seem to make any difference as I get quite wet already.

:O You can get vaginal moisturiser? Doesn't that cause PH problems?

occhiverdi wrote:

I had burning, turns out it was PID and thrush.... two weeks later all healed (so far!)

I did have very minute traces of thrush and previously took a tablet for it, but nothing seemed to change. If you don't mind my asking, how did they treat the PID?

Ecksvie wrote:

Also, if you're using condoms during sex, have you ruled out a latex allergy?

Yup. That was actually the first thing I thought because the first time we had sex we did use condoms and my mother has an allergy. But since then we haven't been using them and have still had problems. :(

Also the We-vibe looks really interesting it's actually one I've thought about purchasing before, so thanks for the tip. I've never tried a G-spot one before ^_^