Advice needed about anal 1st time

Hi me and my partner have decided we would like to start enjoying anal play and sex, but where to start?
Anal beads, butt plug, fingers?!!
Advice please !!!!

me and my partner started with one finger and lots of lube and also genital stimulation to distract from the discomfort of having something new and strange happening in your ass. over time start adding fingers and then try a beginners butt plug and work your way up till you are used to something around the size of your penis. Don't rush it because it takes time, slipping a finger in during sex itself always helps. It also helps you associate the feeling of anal stimulation with the sexual pleasure you get from your genitals.

Thanks for the advice I'll suggest to my oh about the finger during intercourse I'm sure I will be fine with that. :0)

I would using this anal lube.

Toy wise maybe a silicone butt plug or there is a lovehoney strap on beginner harness.

there is a beginners anal kit which has a lot of things in it on here.

Also my personal prefernce is something that vibrates as it helps get the muslces relaxed.

Theres also loads of threads on here with a plethora of advice

Have you looked at the welcome to LH thread right up there aat the top?

it leads to this...

Thanks everyone for great advice x