Anal advise

So I’m currently apart from my partner for lock down he has expressed an interest in butt plugs for me and being a loving partner I’ve told him I’m not really interested because I would like to surprise him when we are back together ! I like the jewelled ones are are ok for a beginner ? I’m intrigued I’d love to wear one out for dinner and just whisper in his ear I’ve heard lots of you talking about wearing them out how does it feel ? I’d be a little anxious it would come out would that happen ? Sorry total novice but keen to learn so any tips greatly appreciated

Hi, my wife has a jewelled butt plug and she loves it often wearing it around the house with just a silk nighty on then occasionally bending over to give me a glimpse which is really hot. She is not new to anal play and has a medium size jewel which has never come out, if it has been in for a while she will occasionally rub lube around the base or the plug so it doesn’t get to dry. She says she loves the feeling of the plug being in whilst teasing and during sex.

Hi the jewelled ones tend to be a better shape big head very slim stem and good base, I would suggest not getting a beginner version even if you are a newbie as often they're too small in practice, falling out "In use" being a common thing though not when walking around . Try wearing around the house to get used to the feeling and if wearing for a long time a oil based lube maybe better as water based ones can dry out, not an issue indoors but out and about(when we can get out) could be become uncomfortable ?

This one would be my choice

We often wear our plugs out and occasionally remote control vibrating plugs too (in louder venues). If you choose a plug with a narrow neck there is little or no chance of it coming out accidentally.

Thanks for the very informative info I’m very excited to get this under way can wait to see his reaction I’m going to order one at the end of the week roll on pay day

As others have said, oil based lube and practice using one around the house should increase your confidence. I’ve worn on to parties, family events, shopping and even to a beach without having had one fall out so I’m sure you’ll be fine. If you’re in any doubt when you surprise your OH with it, just make sure you’re either wearing bigger knickers (as opposed to a thong) or tight fitting trousers so it won’t have anywhere to go if it slips.

sometning like this

or this

Would be good for a beginner and would be very secure.