Anal for man

I have a gf and I want to try a strap on with her I want to know what's the best ones and what pleasure you get

have a look at my reveiws..theres the 1st strap on in there we used. pleasure...... some of the best O's i have ever had. start small, back urself in so too say, think some people on her have said butplugs and small vibes...and put a condon over a finger with lots of lube. then work slowly upto bigger toys.. then the strap on u get will wrk how its ment to.

"pegging" is wat its called wen i women uses a strap on or toy on a man. put a search in on the foram for "anal" "pegging" "anal advice".... and read all the good advice from all the people on here. good advice about lots of lube and taking it slow and some people saying keep clean (poo) and suff i dont know enuff about.

its worth it to try and werth the me. get her to pick out the toys n strap on too. and in a day...if its just me who has commented then comment on this again,, get it close to top 1st page so more can advices u. have fun.... strap on has to feel comfertable on her too :)

Yh we have tried the finger that was fun but I weren't close to orgasm so that's y I wAnt to move up to bigger and thanks for your advice

cool. yep just finger will not.. theres a thread on page1 today. "solo anal play for men" have a look. :)

glad uv already started with a finger :)

Yh so what sensations do you get from anal

youll get the sensation of penetration , and fullness , if you find your p-spot and have a play you can get a different kind of orgasm apparantly . i couldnt say what it feels like , im not a man . seach out pegging threads on here sean , theres lots of them full of advice etc .

i myself (coz every man/woman is a little diff) if it hits the right spot/angle, its like the feeling u get just at the start of ur orgasm biuld up...feels good but you can also feel its not reached the BEST feeling yet. then if you keep that angle and keep hitting that spot then ul feel it biulding up and up.. like ud normaly feel. it normaly feels bigger than the other O's u have. some men need a little stimulation of the penas too to get them to the finish line.

but last time i was pegged by my wife (2wks ago), she hit the right spot and fucked my ass that good that there was no need at all for me to touch myself. head spin too..was a big one..

the right spot for most men would be the prostate. a prostate massarger might be some thing to get. but keep asking others on here, have a lot more experiance than me :) .

Suggest you try some of the anal toys available from Lovehoney before going straight to a strap-on.

Never new anal sex could be so good till now so a butt plug would be better then a beginners strap on at first

butt plug prob 1st... gives u more self control and will help stretch ur ring slowly too. more self control for solo anal play.... u know, them times u get horny and think "mmm i could do with stretching my ring a little" . with a beginners strapon u still need her there too and if playing is painful at first then if ur solo it will not put her off it, if she sees its painful wat she is doing she might not want to do it. u can always get a beginners S.O too :)

Thanks Dan I've just ordered a new one today let's see how it goes

Thanks Dan I've just ordered a new one today let's see how it goes

Thanks Dan I've just ordered a new one today let's see how it goes

Thanks Dan I've just ordered a new one today let's see how it goes

cool. good. wat u order? :)

Dr Joel Kaplan 6.5 Inch Vibrating Prostate Massager

good choice. iv got a Rude boy myself :). gets me going just sliding it in.

gonna try it on my own I think in the shower when it comes

good plan. well keep us informed... use lube too... and if u dont get the prostate 1st time or it dont feel quit as u thourght it might then dont worry.. take lil time and practise :)

Wernt as good as I thought would be so might just Stick to pleasure front end