Anal - is it for me?

I tried anal a while ago with my partner, but we stopped because it was stinging. I would really like to try it again, does anyone have any tips for making it more pleasurable?

A few weeks ago I would never have even though of doing anal, but after my husband suggesting we experiment with a butt plug I've discovered an interest in this area. I'm a novice so I'm sure others will give better advice, but start using plenty of lube, use a butt plug first to allow stretching and relaxing and take it slowly. Hope you get some enjoyment and have fun. Xx

It sounds like you may have had a reaction to the lube or suffered some soreness/slight tearing. You could try another lube and just go really slowly, one step at a time, starting with small toys.

Trick with anal is being totally prepared for it, relaxed, little play and well lubed (water based lubes probably best). Maybe treat yoursef to to help

hampshirecouple wrote:

Trick with anal is being totally prepared for it, relaxed, little play and well lubed (water based lubes probably best). Maybe treat yoursef to to help

We totally agree, preparing is everything, perfect advice.

Take it slow but I can tell you after you start it will get easier and more pleasurable. My wife was leary many years ago but ask for it almost everytime we have sex now and is one of her favorite things to do.We started with small toys but I can tell you we have progressed to some of the more extreme toys for anal so give it another shot.

Gently does it, you have to be in the right mindset first and relax don’t rush it at all

what lube you using? Anything with parabin will make it sting. Sliquid or something similar is better.

Also build up to it. Takes a long time to get used to bigger things in the bum. Try a plug with normal sex a few times to open you up.

Hope it works for you. I am a complete convert now after being squeamish to putting thing "up there". Trying to work with my OH over the long term as she is fine with me doing it but she has a massive issue with her bum (but i think its a work of art!)

Myself and my husband want to venture into this, but I’m very wary and tense due to an abusive relationship which included anally. So the above comments are very helpful to me, thanks all. X

Start with a finger, maybe as he go's down on you, move to a small butt plug as in my review. I garuantee you will be a big fan soon and want it there all the time very quickly xx

Also some very good love honey water based lubes available as in my reviews too. Makes it so much better feeling xx

We have tried it several times. On each occasion it has been different, the only constant is my size. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes it's not and sometimes it just won't happen. With that said the only obvious factors are; Lube - Some can sting/warm if things get stretchy. Try looking for a lube designed for the task at hand. Personally I think this is one of the biggest factors. Preparation - As tempting as it is from a male perspective to stuff it in, so to speak, it's probably the worst way of going about it. She has to be warm and relaxed. She won't get relaxed by constant announcements and any type of build up. Work towards it naturally with a bit of play down there, when the time feels right, go for it slowly. Hygiene - Goes without saying. Even if she is squeaky clean, it won't count for much unless she is absolutely confident she is. Adds anxiety. Clearly, you want to try it so most of these bases are covered. Check out the reviews for anal lubes, but remember each person is a little different. Possibly worth buying small containers of a few different types with different key ingredients and find which is best! L

Also , what really helps is using butt plugs on your own at a quiet time to learn what you like and confidence. Self masterbation is a part of exploring what you like and what you can the share with your partner I honey has some nice butt plugs and you could check out my review.Plenty of water based lube too xx

The biggest thing for pain-free anal is to be relaxed. If you tense up every time it is mentioned, it isn't going to work well. So you need to work through anything that makes you feel tense. Maybe allowing him to play with toys in your ass is the way to go - what you need to do will be different for everyone.

Then of course, loads of lube. We use this stuff: It is natural and doesn't contain nasty stuff, so shouldn't make you sting.

Have fun!