Anal sex help

Hii! I'm sure there's a thread on this somewhere but I can't find it.

Anyway, my partner asks for anal sex regularly and I tend to manage to avoid it. We've done it before when I have been drunk and he loved it. I don't enjoy it but I'd really like to try and learn to enjoy it.

I like being licked and maybe one finger but that's as much as I enjoy.

Any tips?

I think its like marmite. You either like it or you dont.

What is it that you don't like?

I find it uncomfortable and I suppose that part of that is in my mind as I am wary in case of accidents.

are you being properly lubed up and stretched before he enters?

We have used lube and use fingers first. As far as I'm aware I'm all ready to go but it just doesn't feel right.

Like above, what is it that you don't like? or, is there something else that you like having done that could be done at the same time - something for your partner/something for you. Like any act, its all about the balance. ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Buy yourself a plug, or better one of the sets of three progressive plugs and some anal lube. Dont tell your partner, but use them when youre alone to get used to the feeling of fullness. Use them when youre relaxed and gradually build up to the larger sizes and begin a bit of movement.

If you find that over time you become to like the sensation then maybe buy something larger, like a slim dildo to play with. Once you can manage that then try anal sex.

I find that when youre alone you can experiment with what you please with no pressure. If you try it and like it then its a bonus for you and your partner. If you decide its definitely not for you then your partner wont know youve tried so wont feel like hes missing out.

Sometimes when you use toys like that in front of a partner, you cant really decide if its for you, or if you are just going along with it to please them.

I never have anal without warming up first, and for me that involves having a small dildo in for about 10 minutes before anal. I try and put it in without my partner seeing, as its a bit of an awkward angle and it doesnt look sexy when youre concentrating lol by the time we are ready for anal, i have loosened up a little so its not painful or uncomfortable, and have warmed up in my brain.

generally with us we have normal sex and fingers and sometimes a plug will be inserted for a while before thats removed and hes inserted. Now the only issue with me is its a race aainst time lol, if I come before he does thats it its all over and he has to pull out and come over my ass instead lol.

Thank you for that :)

Do any ladies enjoy the sensation and feel pleasure without any other stimulation?

For me it feels nice, and mentally kinky, but its not like orgasm nice. I couldnt come from anal sex alone but that doesnt mean it feels bad or uncomfortable.

yes i can come from it but i like clit stimulation too

Thanks I'll try all that :)

I love it - enjoy the slight sting and feeling really stretched and full. Oddly I can't cum with even the biggest toy we use up there but as soon as my hubby penetrates me anally I cum almost immediately - always thought it a bit strange as some of our toys are larger than him. Just goes to show it's not how big you are but how you use it that counts I guess !

If in doubt turn the tables on him first..anal sex has always had such a taboo in traditional social thinking, but when done correctly (and respectfully) can be very enjoyable for both parties. Nowadays, anal sex (or anal play) is a common occurance between most sexually open minded couples or partners.

The guys above are right, stretching and warming up are key but so is the mental preparation if you're new to it. Moreover, take your time; see if you're comfortable at first and experiment. Also, if you curious, try solo play before involving your partner. Butt plugs, anal dildos...there's so much to choose from on LH..that way you wont be surprised when you involve your fella ^^

The problem is really that I've never had any satisfaction from it. I need to apply myself because if I really don't want to do something I just refuse.

I will try!

And rightly so you should.

personally I enjoy anal play (both giving and receiving) but i feel it's a little selfish if the other party doesnt appreciate it. at the end of the day it shouldnt be the be all and end all of fun you can do together. (And if he keeps pushing, we're all here to kick his ass lol)

Oh don't worry I'm perfectly capable haha!

I agree with what everyone else has size use butt plugs that go up in size first to get you used to the feeling. then what I tend to do is use a small anal dildo/vibrator to get me loosened up, then but only then am I ready to take my partner.

Warm up, lots of lube and being relaxed are the 3 most important things when it comes to anal, I think.

After thirty years together, at the age of forty eight, my wife announced she wanted anal sex. We were having Friday night fun and she just said it, out of the blue. I've never been into it but I'm very much into pleasing my lovely wife so we gave it a go. She bloody loved it and it just goes to show that even after all those years she can still suprise me. It's a regular part of our lovemaking now and I really enjoy doing it.