Anal Sex or Toys Did it hurt for you first time

As the question asked did it hurt or did you have enough knowledge to make it easier and painless.

For me it hurt a little then we lubed a lot more and it was ok. Learned a lesson that there is no such thing as enough lube. For him it’s hurt when we went up in size a bit too much even with lube the lesson there is take it in smaller steps.

Even with plenty of knowledge I think it’s always going to be uncomfortable to a degree! Knowing what you’re doing certainly helps. Work your way up, use plenty of lube and read your body.

One thing I regret not getting round to with my ex is pegging we both talked about it and using anal toys on each other, we were both a bit worried about the little bit of pain that's why in this case it would of been more enjoyable as we both had the same thoughts.

I'm just getting into Anal play myself, I didn't get on with the LH Pspot booty butt plug because I couldn't really feel it and it didn't stay in, So I'm now waiting on the Doc Johnson medium butt plug, reading the reviews I'm a little scared as it seems to be a fair size. I hope I can get into butt play because I would love to try it with a partner. For me something like butt play is something better off doing with a partner.

I know the key thing lube lube lube but being on my own wont feel the same as doing with someone so I hope it goes well and I hope to try to successfully get it in without me saying na this is not for me and give up.

Back when we started , we started with a strapon . It came with two plugs , both fairly good girth . The biggest problem was they increased in diameter way to quick . The hardest thing for me was to relax my muscles . Went to a small plug with a longer taper and that was much easier . I play solo always , wife is out of the active sex these days . I often warm up with my favorite plug ( that will stay in nicely ) . Then if the mood strikes me step up to my "big boy" ( see my pictures ) . Lots of lube and go slow !

The good thing about the Doc Johnson medium plug is the length. 5.25inches in girth is getting on the wider side of beginner friendly, but with 5 inches in length, it doesn't rush to get there. You can take it gradually and get comfortable with it before pushing further.

Lovehoney do a glass butt plug, 4.5inch girth, this is a very good and comfortable plug for static wear and could be used with a penis toy (fleshlight etc) or just yourself during masturbation.

I wouldn't expect amazing results from your first few attempts with anyting anal. Some may take to it like a duck to water, but for many, it is a new sensation having something inserted in your backside and it can take a while to train your brain to accept the new sensations and move on to finding them pleasureable.

Pain is your friend. Its your body's way of saying slow down or stop. But in my opinion there is a difference between pain and a "ooh, thats a stretch" sort of sensation. The stretching sensation is quite normal, but it can be a fine line. Slow and steady wins the race.

I don't use a plug to masturbate anally (i.e its in and it stays in during other activities), for that, I use dildos. LH do a few 7 inch dildos with girth 4.75 - 5.5 inch, but the shape of those is such that the max girth isn't right until the end. When I first started with anal play, I found these to be really good and didn't stretch too far too soon.

Once you start enjoying the sensations, you'll quickly learn what sort of butt play you enjoy the most, it may be a static plug filling you up during other acts, it may be the stretch of size, it may be the thrusting or any combination of those.

Just don't rush and don't expect too much too soon.

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I think the first time there is always a bit of pain there but I would just use plenty of lube and keep topping up throughout. When you are used to it then it’s much better. I would also try out different size toys and find something that’s perfect for you x

My first time anal sex did hurt and was uncomfortable to start with. My partner at the time had been making love to me and I was very wet then he just slipped in . So that was the start of me loving anal and still do many years later xx

Alicia4Ever wrote:

Hi Teacake, have a read of my old posts on first time anal

Thanks Alicia![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Have a dildo that’s larger than my partner, it stung a little but after some lube it eventually eased in.

So I got my medium sized plug last night, It went in easy enough but while I was sitting I was getting slight pain more of a cramp in my stomach just above my pubic area, Is this normal to start with?

Next issue it feels nice and tight inside me but after 30 minutes when I'm walking around my body seems to automatically start trying to push it out of me.

That makes sense Alicia about the cramp, because as soon as I took it out the cramp went away. looks like it's going to take me some time for my body not to push it out.

As you know this isn't my area of expertise 🙂, but I've heard it mentioned on here that gas build-up can be a thing. Did the abdominal pain feel like trapped wind?

Hi Ian, Yes you could say it felt a bit like that but it felt more when you need to pee and holding it in to long. No gas was let out that I could feel.

Absolutely no pain at all on my end but then I followed a ton of guides and went as slow and patient as I possilbly could with it on a relatively educated approach. Always worth the research with anything kinky.

The first time I tried something in the backside there was some discomfort, but I was well lubricated from some adult beverages and back there. Once I got comfortable and figured out timing and mood, things got a lot easier and there was little to no pain. However, the super girthy items my wife and I own do still sting a a bit at first, but it feels more like that pain you feel when you stretch after not stretching for a while. Not bad, not outside it's limits, just not used to it. i hope that make sense.

My biggest concern is cleanliness.

It didnt hurt but it felt super uncomfortable and actually I use it get bellys aches. But doesnt happen anymore

Thanks Ms. D and Delboy

I think I will give it a go again but just leave it in for a hour maybe that's what I have to do is to keep it in for short times to start wirh. I think it was the belly ache I was concerned about.

For my OH the even though we had played with toys ok the first time we tried anal sex it hurt her to the point I didn't think she'd ever try again, one thing with my Misses is if she wants something she'll never give up and as she'd heard from others how amazing anal sex was it didn't put her off, although I didn't know this and that she looked up anal training and started training her bum for anal sex but didn't tell me! She took her time and trained for about 6 months until she was comfortable taking toys and plugs, she even decided to go a bit larger on the training in the hope it would make the sex more comfortable and easier and im pleased to say it did! Even to this day she will always put her biggest plug in an hour or 2 before a session just to make sure she ready although we have once or twice had spontaneously anal sex with no stretching and I've gone in with little resistance and it's been just as good but for her peace of mind she always, well nearly always stretches first!

Yes man what a woman you have![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

Ok had my second try last night, just a little bit of discomfort in my belly to start with then it went away, I kept it in for about 4 hours mainly sitting down and on and off playing with myself while watching a film, I think sitting down more is going to help with anal training because when I stood up and walked around my body didn't seem to try and push it out.