Anal toys

What would you say is the best toys for anal fun

For me the big the better๐Ÿ˜

Tbh I think we could give a better idea if you have us a bit more info. For use solo or with a partner ? How experienced with anal is the person the toy is going to be used on ? What materials would be acceptable ? xx

Depends how experienced you are?

There are so many different types of toy for anal stimulation, so as the others have said it depends on your preferences and experience! I enjoy plugs and occasionally beads, and small dildos. But not full anal sex as I don't feel ready for that just yet!

As others have said, it does depend on how much experience you have - but if you are inexperienced, then take a look at Lovehoney's Anal Guide for some tips ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I'm experienced it was to find out what others on the forum thought as I'm always open to trying new toys,and was trying to get some ideas for what anal toy to use next?

What anal toys have you used previously?

Are you after a debate, OP, or want some tips on where to start with anal play?

Personally, this is a firm favourite


Over the years I've become a great fan of butt plugs, problem is you end up with the "I wonder if I can take a bigger plug" thought?, time after time, so over about 20 years I've gone from 1/2"dia to a, huge, over 4" dia.
So would vote butt plug every time.

I've used but plugs glass dildoes my wife has used our 2strap ons,can't say from were as not from oh but our other ones are from lh it's something we've been partaking in for some years now and really ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi and thanks for the info the second one you said to look at looks fantastic a tad expensive but obviously worth the money looking at your review, I'll have to break the piggy bank savings to buy one.

This glass dildo is a new favourite for anal! Using a wand on my clit lead me to several orgasms the other day, (can feel it can hit my Gspot too!) Highly recommend!


Squirts panda
Hi I like to use the lh beaded sensual glass dildoe,my oh likes to use this on me as she likes it as each bead pops in.
It's a great feeling when I'm coming as she pulls it out again

Have you tried a prostate massager yet?

I have used a prostrate massager and have to agree they feel great my wife uses it on me and when I reach an orgasm with it in it's a very intense feeling I love it I can't say what one it is because it's not from lh

SquirtyPanda wrote:

This glass dildo is a new favourite for anal! Using a wand on my clit lead me to several orgasms the other day, (can feel it can hit my Gspot too!) Highly recommend!

We're also glass dildo fans for anal. We wrote a review the other day on the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo ..

Really like this one although it's quite large and may not be suitable for a compete beginner. I can take most of the length but my wife is still doing her anal training and trying to work up to larger sized toys - plenty of fun to be had with the challenge for both of us!

The beaded one is one of our favourites, it takes time to build up to larger toys but worth the persistence. I have only just managed to get the bigger bead on the end in, the trick with it is time, relaxing as you use the dildoe as you push it in and plenty of a good quality lube. I find the silicone lubes best with the glass toys when doing anal as they last longer in use