annoying pain from butt plug when not aroused

I am a guy and use butt plugs for solo stimulation quite frequently, never broached the subject with any partners.

I have been having a nagging problem for a long time. I like the "fullness" of butt plugs and it feels absolutely great when I'm hard and aroused. But when I am not at peak arousal it feels a bit uncomfortable.

I've tried various position.

When I am lying down on my belly - the but plug is very comfortable aroused or not.

Squatting on the floor - quite uncomfortable

Lying on my back or side with legs in front of my upper body - neutral.

I think the problem is with the fact that my rim just can't deal with objects in it and does tense up which causes pain for the rim. I have ordered the doc johnson mode butt plug which has the girth around the stem akin to a ladys index finger which is very small - it might do the trick. I have yet to receive it and play with it.

In any case is there any way to train the rim to not squeeze too hard and cause itself pain. Ideally I want to go onto a bigger butt plug equivalent to a 7" penis. I can;t do that if my rim is too tense.

I do warm up and gently lead up to it. Insertion is not paintful at all. Just after an hour or so it feels quite uncomfortable.

Hi There, I am sure some chaps on here will be able to give you more advice on this, but I personally use a relaxing anal spray which I find invaluable.

The great thing about this particular spray is that you really don’t lose any sensation at all - and there are no long-term effects. Nothing gets looser, so to speak - it just helps things to relax and not burn. I personally use 3 sprays, but the bottle does suggest using between 2-3 sprays - it depends on how you feel. Just try a couple of sprays and wait for about 5 minutes:

Also you have to listen to your body, if something is causing you pain or discomfort then perhaps you should slow down and maybe not keep the plug in for quite so long, or go back to a smaller size and build back up again.

Hope this helps Hun :) xx

Hi DefinatelyBi

The key to anal play/sex is to relax fully, use lots of lube and listen to your body.

Take your time when inserting the toy and don't rush. The slower the better.

And make sure you and your toy are fully lubricated this will help it slide and not stick.

If the pain persists I would recommend you seek GP advice as there could be an underlying issue if you have had this pain for some time.

Hope this helps!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's "painful" that it required medical attention. just not pleasureable at all. Sort of like "ok I have something stuck in my bottom" and it's not doing it for me any more.

Akin to this, I am exploring anal play myself and have purchased a number of anal toys, prostate massagers and butt plugs. Numerous posts/threads have advised taking things slowly and lots of lube. also, not everyone "enjoys" it immediately, if you think about it, we are asking the body to accept something that is of our choice, not something that is "natural" (wrong word I know but cant think of a better one).

My experience is that I can use fairly sizeable (i.e "medium" size classed toys) without discomfort but I either loose any erection I had as a result, or just cannot get aroused with it in!

I recall a post which made a comment about listening to you body and that you almost need to "learn" the pleasure from anal play and that getting used to it is the first hurdle, then you can incoorperate it into something more.

I have not given up and have the Exotic Diamond Slim Anal Vibe from the tester page on my wish list as I wonder if using this might aid me in my quest.

I really wish to explore this side of intimate play as it is evident that is can be enjoyable however I am getting the feeling that for some, it can take a considerable amount of time and "rehersal" to achieve.

I know this post does not offer anything constructive except the fact that what you are experiencing is not unusual but probably quite common. I am persevering and have learnt a great deal from these Forums.

Happy experimenting to you