any ideas on very good sex toys???

me and my partner wanna spice things up a bit and not get stuck in a routine like some couples,any ideas or tips on sex toys,games or just advice,we are open minded and game for a laugh

If you are after very good sex toys you have come to sex toy heaven. But then again it depends very much on what floats your boat. I would say a good place to start would be with one or more of the loving sex series of DVD/Videoes.There are lots of ideas in those to spice up your sex life and also give you ideas as to what you might find usefull in a sex toy. One particular word of advice. Buy the best you can afford! There are lots of cheap sex toys which are quite frankly a complete waste of money (not all mind you) Also if you go for a vibe or dildo or whatever. Get HIM to use it on you as foreplay. 69 position with toys is a real blast. Hope thats of help have fun.

I can totally recommend one of these - best toy we've tried!

A lot of the Tracey Cox books have great ideas for keeping your sex life spicey...

Superhotsex is great and has lots of horny pictures

Supersex Deck is great fun too - lots of sexy ides

My wife and I love our sex toys.our toys. The ones we use during intercourse are: Trojan Vibrating Ring, Penthouse Golden Egg and Pocket Rocket. The Trojan Vibrating Ring fits on my dick and vibrates the clitoris during intercourse. My DW says there is nothing like a real dick that vibrates. The Penthouse Egg can be used on the clitoris or inside the vagina during intercourse. My wife loves to insert it in her vagina and then I insert my dick and we fuck with it vibrating inside. Really wild orgasms. The Pocket Rocket is great for stimulating the clitoris or my dick during intercourse. We have a rabbit type vibrator(Purple Titan) that my DW uses when we masturbate together. I love to watch her cum while using this. We have 3 vibrating dildos(2 jelly and 1 black rubber) that she also uses during mutual masturbation. I love to watch these go in and out of her vagina. We fantasize that we are having a threesome. We have some anal toys(Spectragels Anal Tool, Anal T, Anal E-Z Bend and Anal Beads)that DW uses to massage my prostate while she gives me a blowjob. Our favorite lubricant is Wet Original and for anal we use Wet Platinum. Toys are hot!!! We also like to watch group sex DVD'S. Hope this gives you some new ideas.

How about making your own DVD? If it's rubbish it will have been fun to do!