anyone being naughty tonight?!

enjoying a rough f*** with herself!rimmed her for the first time..think i enjoyed it more than her!

I wish

I wish the OH is away.

Just tonight is too kind a word for me.

Don't have to be naughty with someone.

New order arrived Monday so Just popped my Butt plug cherry whilst getting to grips with my new XL stroker, wow came so hard I shot the butt plug clean out.

Not what I expected with the butt plug, but I have to say it came in to it’s own when I started to cum and my Cock was Rock hard.

I was planning to be naughty tomorrow morning but I'm full of cold caught from the grandchildren. Damn!

Forget tonight, this morning! :-P

Going for a Saturday night session, it's been two days since last time, I'm Gagging for it. She's working tonight so maybe a solo play...

Hell yes! New toys πŸ€ͺ

Fingers cross, could be on a promise. πŸ˜‰

Yes feeling a little bit horny waiting for my missus to come home

Tryin to fap but share a room :0

Hell yes house to ourselves so I'll slip into something sexy... Apologies in advance to the neighbours

Vibrator in hand as we speak and ready to start πŸ˜‰

Yes, just lubing up a big dildo.

Lucky girl. Enjoy.

Hope you had fun.

toyrider wrote:

Yes, just lubing up a big dildo.

Hope you had fun 😊

Make your own fun. Let your imagination run wild.