asymmetric breasts

I completely sympathise. When i was about 14 i noticed my right breast was bigger, but as i'd always read that they grow different rates but "mostly even out" nearing the end of puberty i thought it would sort its self out. It didn't. My right breast is a more full, rounder shaped C cup. My left breast is a more triangular, not even quite a B cup. It wrecks all my clothes as bra wise, the left breast doesn't have the roundness to hold a wired bra in place, so i'm forever yanking that side down, and sidewards too as the centre part never stays between my breasts as the middle line isn't down my middle so it pulls off to the right, and it puts more strain on, it is always the left wire that ends up coming out of my bras. On top of that, clothing doesn't stay where it should. T shirts always pull to the right over the larger breast, distorting the image/design, and in strappy tops it pulls over and makes the straps uneven and twists tops round my body, i'm forever messing with them pulling them back in to place. I subconsciously stand twisted sticking my left side further forward, and i cannot bear to look down at myself or in a mirror in any state of dress or undress, as the size difference is incredibly noticeable and i get upset. Showering is awful too as one is about a handful, the other feels so much smaller, no fullness, less appealing shape, and i have quite small hands, my boyfreind has large hands and i can't help but think how even more obvious it will be to him. I've been to the doctors, and every time been told "Give it a few more months, if nothing changes, come back and we'll discuss options" with that magical "few more months" point never beingt reached. I'm 25, they deffinitely aren't going to grow anymore and magically even out. I noticed my smaller breast is the left, and i'm left handed, wondered if it is down to the fact i use that hand/arm more so work out that side more and as such the breast is smaller?

I've had exactly the same thoughts, as my smaller and differently shaped breast is also on the left. I've been at a loss as to what to do. I've tried doing more with my left arm, trying to build the muscle. Nothing has worked.
I'm so grateful you felt the courage to reply with your story. I mirror a lot of what you've written.

It's distressing and has made me feel very unattractive and less of a woman. I'm glad I'm not just being stupid, and actually it's a feeling felt by others.

I'm reassured by a lot of the ladies who have responded to this thread. We didn't design or create our bodies. But we do have to live in them.
I'm going to do everything I can do try and love myself the way I am. I hope we can both gain self appreciation and love ourselves.


Actually find some one with symetrical boobs and I would say that it is a fake!

My smaller one is also the left one. I dont know how much smaller but when i am sitting back if i look down then the right cup looks full but the left has room in it. Not so noticable standing up though.

Like virgin angel i also recognise the triangle boob. They arent as noticable now but when i used to get periods i noticed that just before and during my period, my boobs got bigger, rounder and harder! It was like having fake boobs! So when i finished a period it seemed like they were smaller, wobblyer and less round again.

boobs are like feet, they are always slightly different. I have one that is much fuller in shape. Let your partner see them and stare at them. I bet your partner loves them no matter what and will be turned on. Start by walking around the house naked when no one is home so that you can start to feel more comfortable in your own skin. You will gain confidence and feel sexier...

Just gonna add that mine ain't the same size either. I'm a 32FF and was trying on bras just a couple of days ago and had to forego a couple of really lovely ones because my right breast is bigger than my left one. I wouldn't say the difference was a full cup size- but it meant that one size was slightly too small for my right breast and the next was slightly too large for my left- gaaaa!

So you are definitely NOT alone!

I also have some pretty major issues with my body (I don't think this is uncommon either) but, like Cazz said, over the years I'm becoming more accepting about what I have. I am trying to do things that increase my feeling of confidence- like eating healthily, exercising freqently and just generally taking care of myself. These things help me to feel much better, but I'm doing them for me and nobody else, which I think is key.

Having said all of that- no matter what has been going on in my head for the past ten years or so- I've never had any complaints! I think we all need to remember to keep these things in perspective and be wary of being over-critical when looking in the mirror x

i have one breast that fills my b cup nicely and one that sags, sadly at the bottom of the cup. Not only do they look odd in size but the smaller one also has an inverted nipple so it looks totally different and a bit like the runt of the pair lol

Luckily MrMuffin loves the little runt despite it taking nearly 8 years for me to feel comfortable to allow him to even touch it.

I think it's pretty normal to have breasts of differing sizes and many of us worry about the look of them

I hope I can take after you, Mrs muffin, and eventually be confident with my body. :) xx

i wouldnt say I'm confident, far from it, but slowly accepting my little runt.